May 22, 2013

Have a "Kool" Summer Printables

The end of school is right there. Preschool actually already ended.

I decided it might be nice for Little to have something to give his classmates.

As are most things in my life, this was kind of last minute. I was sitting around with an extra minute or two and decided, "Why the heck not."

I raided Hubby's not-so-secret stash of Kool-aid. Found puh-lenty of those little packets.

Next I grabbed some striped paper straws from my not-so-secret stash of party supplies.

Then I went to my trusted PicMonkey and I made up some simple tags.

Put it all together...BAM easiest little end of the summer treat ever. 

I made a sheet of these simple and fun printables and now you can make your very own KOOL gifts.  Click on the link and you can download them to your computer.

Download HERE

 Then before you know it you will have a whole pile all ready to go to school with your little one.

Then you can pretty much guarantee they will be just the most liked ever. Plus they will smell like Kool-aid.

What is not to like about that???

Only a few more days of school over here. Ahhh. Then the invasion begins.

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