May 29, 2013

Girly Grad Gift: Aprons

 Last night I had a pretty fun night with the young women at church celebrating the girls who were graduating. We had a little Senior Shower and got them all ready to head off to college. Each girl had a laundry basketful of useful little gifts that the other girls had brought them.

One of the girls next to me even excitedly whispered to me, "I got them an awesome gift. I got them plungers." To which we both giggled.

Sitting there among all that youth and beauty took me back.

As I stared at the Seniors we were celebrating, I just kept thinking to myself, "Was is it really that long ago?"

Unfortunately the answer was, "yeah it was that long ago".

No I would never want to go back to those days...I mean I still have the occasional dream I am back in college and I have forgotten to go to one of my classes for the whole semester. Needless to say I wake up in a cold sweat  every time.

However I do miss the excitement of striking out on my own for the first time.  I was such a geek and I loved every spatula, set of dishes, and dish towel I got. I loved picking out sheets and a comforter for my little dorm bed. 

I loved everything about it.

Now I get to give the grad gift of geek and get them all ready to be out on their own.

My little gift...


Cute little vintage looking aprons.

I have made aprons before. These lovely Ric Rac Aprons were probably my favorite. 

However, these lovely vintagey ones are coming in a close second.

They even fold up nicely and can be tied sweetly with their own apron strings. No wrapping needed.

Pair this little apron with some recipe cards or a little cookbook.

Happy Graduation!

Oh going to college and striking out on your own is so much fun.


Eat. Sleep. Make. said...

Ooh, I LOVE the pink with the blue gingham - so pretty! -Jen

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

That is my favorite too!


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