May 13, 2013

Baby Gift: Baby Bath Towels

One of my friends just had the most beautiful and precious little girl.

Oh, she is just so sweet. There is almost nothing better than holding a newborn baby.

I wanted to give my friend and baby a little baby gift.

I was tempted to get dresses and frilly things (you know since I never get to buy those things), but I knew her mom had already got/made her tons of cute new clothes.

After thinking a bit, I remembered the Hooded Baby Towels I made right after Bean was born.

Then during a trip to Target I saw these fun and girly towels.

Could you die??? Ack! I love them!

I grabbed that towel and a coordinating solid one and head home for some sewing.

I made some biased tape out of a solid softer pink fabric.

I followed the same instructions from my Hooded Baby Towel tutorial.

I used the pattern towel to make a hood on the solid towel. I thought that would be a fun twist on a completely solid towel.

Bam! Two towels done.

I folded them up, wrapped them with a strip of fabric and gave them to my friend to wrap up her sweet baby after her little baths.

These towels are really easy to make (especially if you already have the biased tape made). 

I had so much fun making these. I also had so much fun doing a girly project. I don't get to do too many of those.

Such an easy homemade gift.

So did you get that I said they were easy to make?

Easy peasy.

Enjoy sweet baby girl!


Anonymous said...

I need to make some for T, the one we were given is falling apart haha

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Love this project! =)
So cute!


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