Jun 12, 2014

Disney Princess Photo Stands

I am so happy to be joining Rachel from R & R Workshop for her fabulous A Month of Disney.

One of the most treasured mementos from a family trip to Disneyland is the photos. The Disney character photos are like the best of the best. Now if you have a little princess of your own, which I don't but I have some princess nieces, then those princess photos are a special kind of precious.

You know what else is precious?

All the Fisher Price Little People Disney figurines. Could you die with from their cuteness??

I had this idea that these figurines would make a perfect photo stands. The cutest photo stands for the cutest princess photos.

They were really easy to make.

First you just need a few Little People Disney figurines, like this Ariel Aurora set. Then grab some cloths pins. I spray painted my clothes pin pink so they matched the figurines better. Next you just need to hot glue the cloths pin to the back of the figurine with the opening end up.

 Once they dry, they are ready to display your princess photos.

Seriously, how cute is that Little Aurora hugging Big Aurora being held up by a Fisher Price Aurora. Oh the cuteness.

Now your Disneyland photos can be prettily displayed. I am pretty sure my little princess nieces will be pretty happy to have these little Disney Princess Photo Stands.

Here is another Disney Project that I have shown on the blog before:

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