Jun 23, 2014

DIY Outdoor Board Game with Sharpie Paint Markers

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What is all the rage in outdoor Summer fun? Well your very own DIY Outdoor Board Game of course. Trust me I have a neighborhood full of kids who think this giant sized Outdoor Board Game is the bees knees. Okay so, they didn't say that specifically and they would be confused with the concept of bees having knees.

You get the idea though.

They loved playing a human sized board game outside, especially because in our custom Outdoor Board Game water was involved.

Putting together your very own Outdoor Board Game is super easy.

You only need a few items and all the imagination and creativity you already possess.

The number one must have item, these Sharpie Paint Markers. PAINT markers! Paint in marker form. They are amazing.

I picked up this colorful variety pack and a single black marker at my local Michael's Craft Store. They have water based and oil based. They sell them as packs and as individual markers. Seriously, you should head over to Michael's and check them out either at your local store or online at Michael's.com

Once you have yourself some of these markers, then all you need is a bed sheet, a vinyl tablecloth, some fabric, iron on transfer, and a couple of boxes.

 Then let your imagination run wild. You decide the theme of your Outdoor Board Game. Then you can decide how many spaces and what kind of spaces they should be.

I used fabric and iron on transfer for the plain squares and attached them to the white sheet.

Since our Outdoor Board Game was a water themed game, I used my Sharpie Paint Markers to make several water activity spaces. I thought up some fun activities and then I drew pictures that represented that activity.

Then I sewed the sheet and the vinyl tablecloth together. 

For the die I spray painted two boxes. Then I drew dots and wrote phrases, like "lose a turn" on each dice with my Sharpie Paint Markers.

I got to tell you, I LOVED these markers. They were great to work with. I was able to write easily on both the sheet and the cardboard box (which of course were a giant set of die). The coverage was great and they lasted through my whole project, with paint to spare for some extra projects. I also have to tell you that the paint dries quickly.

So quickly in fact, we didn't have to wait to long to play our very own Outdoor Board Game.

In case you want to make a water themed Outdoor Board Game like we did, here are the water activity spaces I did.

Water Activity Spaces--

Get Hosed (sprayed by a hose)
Take Aim (one on one water gun fight)
Ice, Ice Baby (stand or sit in a bucket of ice water)
Kick the Bucket (bucket of water over the head)
Attack (player's choice of water activity to another player)
Run the Sprinkler (run through the sprinkler)
Ambush (water balloon fight)

I also got to say how impressive my pictures held up during this very wet game. Since I had several neighbor kids dripping wet from before mentioned water activities I was a little worried that all that water would cause the pictures to bleed. Guess what, they didn't! They held up and after the game dried they still looked as good as when I first drew them.

Seriously, these paint markers are crazy awesome.


Corrie- said...

Oooo, this looks like fun! What an uber cute game that I bet your littles LOVE. You, once again, are so creative! I can't wait to get my hands on some of those markers.

SStockhoff said...

Great job hon!


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