Feb 9, 2017

PL-IZZA Be My Valentine

Classroom Valentine's are kind of a big deal at our house. I have said this before, but every year I think I am out of new ideas. In fact, I was pretty close to just using an old idea or one of the meeeellions of cute ideas on Pinterest. Then out of no where-okay not really no where since I have been obsessing about an idea all day every day. Anyway, I came up with this pizza valentine idea.

Seriously, "PL-IZZA be my valentine", I still giggle when I say it. Just ask my husband. I giggle and he rolls his eyes at my adorableness. These are my favorite for sure this year, if not of all the ones I have done. In fact, like I said on Instagram (@larissa_anotherday), I liked them so much I am making two of my kids use them.

I ordered these cute efrutti gummy pizzas (they came in a box of 48, just perfect for two of my kids to use).

Here is the available print off. Seriously, I know they might be "cheesy", but anything pizza is always a good idea. Oh gosh. I think I am so funny. Some one has too. Click on the link to download the file. Print off on cardstock. Last, attach a gummy pizza.

Download HERE

This is a great gender neutral valentine. Which is a big deal around these parts because boys don't approve of unicorns, hearts, and any thing too cutesy (unless they are being ironic). Look for my next classroom valentine idea tomorrow.

Also, be sure to look at my other classroom valentine ideas.

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