Feb 12, 2014

Minecraft Be Mine Valentines (printable)

I have one last classroom Valentine printable to share with you before Valentine's Day.

When I made Little Man the Be Mine Minecraft T-shirt for Valentine's Day, I got quite a bit of lip. If you remember, Oldest was not happy that he got the "number sign" shirt, aka the Hashtag shirt and Middle got the "cool" Minecraft one.

In order to keep the mutiny at bay, I promised him that I would come up with a "cool" Valentine. I figured that since I made a Minecraft shirt for one I should make a set of Minecraft Valentines for the other.

Cool Valentine: Check.

Minecraft Valentine: Check.

Less Lip from Oldest: Check. Check.

I made both of the Minecraft Valentine's using PicMonkey. First I used PicMonkey to create the actual creeper face. Then I was able to use that image and use it as an overlay for my Minecraft valentine.  There are two different valentines just for kicks and giggles.

To make up the valentines all you need is--

The Minecraft Be Mine Printable (download here)
cellophane treat bags

Attach the treat bag either by sewing them on or by stapling them on.

All done. All set.

A Minecraft Valentine perfect for any Minecrafter....er...player of Minecraft? You know what I am talking about.

Nothing says I love you like Minecraft, right?

My boys' classroom valentine's are officially all done and ready for 2014. Woot! Woot!

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Ashley said...

Omg I am saving this for next gear my kiddo loves minecraft so much these are awesome!

Christine said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! Will be using these for this year's school Valentines. :)


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