Feb 11, 2015

Blow My Mind Bubblegum Valentine

One last classroom Valentine idea before Friday. Whew, I am cutting close here. Can I tell you just how much I love these Blow My Mind bubblegum valentines?

Well I love them like a lot, a lot. I originally found a similar idea years ago on Pinterest. It was just a Flikr link so I took what I saw and recreated my own in Picmonkey. The whole process was pretty simple and Middle thinks his classroom Valentines are the coolest thing ever. So that was a score/score.

Here is what you need:

a picture/card with your kiddos face on it
pink balloons
double bubble
treat baggies

Let's talk about the card first.

I took Middle outside and snapped a quick photo of him making a "blow a bubble" face.

Then I made the card in Picmonkey.

I am going to do a quick run through of how I made this card. So the method is the same, the kid in the photo might be different. I forgot to save an original of the first photo.

Okay so here we go.

Go to the edit function in Picmonkey and open up the snapshot of your cute kid.

Go to the elements (the sparkly wand) function and change the photo to black and white.

Now the fun part, go to the borders/frames (the frame) function and choose the shape cutout. Drag the circle until your darling child is where you want him in the circle.

Next crop the photo.

After that, you will go into the overlays (butterfly) function and choose the circle from geometric. Each basic shape has an outline and the middle of the shape. When the overlay box pops up (the box on the right side of the screen below) Choose black for color 1 and transparent for color 2. That will give you an outline of a circle.

Enlarge the circle until it perfectly outlines your circle photo.

Now starts the tricky part. The text. I wanted my text to follow the curve of the circle. To my knowledge, Picmonkey does not have a curve text option, so I go in one letter at a time and curve out my saying. This is the only pain in the butt part. To save your self grief you can just type it on straight. If you want to curve it, here is a very brief and unprofessional way to do that.

One letter at a time, type in the letter and move the letter by the top circle to match the curve. Once one letter is done, move on to the next. Twisting and moving until they are aligned up.

The fonts I used were Ostrich Sans Inline and Futura Medium. This whole part was largely trial and error and still didn't come out perfect, but they would have never gotten done if I had tried to make them perfect. Hubby had to actually tell me to stop.

SO there is the basic on how to make this cute card.

To finish off your already adorable valentine hole punch the mouth of the photo, put the end of the balloon through. Then BARELY blow it up and tie it off at the back. You don't want the bubble to cover up the face completely. The one in this picture was my very fullest, so you can't really see his face.

Once the balloon is in place, fill the little treat bag with a few pieces of gum. Fold over the top and then staple the folded bag to the bottom of the valentine.

Now just keep repeating until all the classroom valentines are done. These are sure to be a hit in any classroom. They will blow their minds. HAHAHA. I had to.

This Blow My Mind classroom Valentine rounds out the Love You Like a Love Song and the Bag of Chips classroom Valentines and completes classroom valentines 2015.

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