Apr 30, 2011

FORE Tee Knock Off Tutorial

Hello Friends! Sorry for the posting absence for a couple of days. We are visiting family and having tons of fun. We came out for a golf memorial for my late grandfather, so I thought it would be only too fitting to reshare this tutorial with you.

I have one more Project Leaving on a Jet Plane post for you. I will share it right before we go home. Fingers crossed this plane trip is less eventful and agonizing...will share my tale after I am home.

BUT, today I am sharing a no-sew-done-in-a-day super cute tee.

Golf Tee to be exact...hahaha, pun intended.

My inspiration came from this golf club tee made from the AH-mazing Little Man clothing company Axel and Hudson.
Love it, right???

I knew I just had to make one for my Littlest Little Man.

I found this pair of perfectly golfer plaid shorts at the BEST store on the planet.
From this pair of shorts I picked the colors of my tee.

You will need-

1 solid t-shirt
2 coordinating colors of paint
Here is a secret I have for you...you can use the fabulously cheaper acrylic paint found in your craft store instead of the pricier fabric paint. It covers just as well and washes just as well without fading. It is initially a little stiffer, but that goes away with washing. Your color possibilities are much more varied with acrylic paint.

freezer paper or vinyl scraps if you have a Silhouette 
golf club image this is the one I downloaded

First you will need to make your stencil. This is the most time consuming part. It consists of either tracing your image on freezer paper like used HERE Or you can cut out your stencils with a silhouette using vinyl as the stencil.

The amount of clubs on your shirt will depend on how big the tee is and how big you make your club stencil. I cut out 3 full sized club stencils and 3 partial. I laid them out accordingly. You should have at least 4 club heads, this is where you will spell out FORE with letters out of which ever material you are using for your stencil.

Whew, the stencil is on. Trust me that is the hardest part. Downhill from here on out.

Before painting place a piece of cardboard on the inside of the shirt. This will prevent bleeding through.

Grab your paint.

You will use one paint color for all but one of the clubs. I choose this navyisy blue.

Paint all but one club. When painting, make sure to use a light hand. As you go, make sure that your stencil is not coming up. Repeat coats for darker coverage. I used about three coats.

I used white as my single club color.

Apply that paint. If you are using white, it will take 1-2 more coats.

After drying for a few hours (you can accelerate the drying process by using a hair dryer on cool), carefully remove all of your stencils, including the letters.

All done. Easy Peasy!

Now you just need to pair it with a golferiffic pair of shorts.

Dress up your miniature golfer. He will immediately want to hit the greens..
 get his game face on...
 and even when he gets a bogie or two or three...
 he will remember how great he looks and play through to the next hole happily.

So cute. Ironically I forgot to pack this shirt for our golf event. Oh, well. Still super cute for everyday wear.

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