Apr 3, 2011

In a Nutshell: Spring Break

We had a great week. It was fun, and believe it or not somewhat restful.

The week was a good mix of activity and rest.

You know you are doing well when you got not one, not two, but SEVERAL, "mom you are the best mom".

I wish I had more pictures...but I forgot my battery once and was having too much fun the rest of the time.

little photo recap

what we did:
bouncy house
indoor campout
indoor rec center
littlest little man's party (party post coming up)
*ice challenge

*After the party hubby challenged the two older boys to stand in this bucket of ice for 10 seconds, for which he would give them a WHOLE dollar. They did it. Littlest Man could not be left out, then it was decided Momma should do it too. I will have you know I accomplished the challenge and did not get my dollar!

I am actually not excited to have my Oldest Little Man go back to school this week. It was that good of a week.


ColleenandKendra said...

Pay up, Spence. It's only fair.

Tasha said...

Indoor campouts are the best. We love having them too! I sounded like a fun spring break to me :)

Amanda said...

fun week! I'm sorry we left before the ice after party!


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