Apr 5, 2011

Kennel Club Baseball Tee

This is the tee shirt I made for Littlest Little Man's Puppy Party.

The tutorial was supposed to be posted today, but that cute kid in the picture above...well he has ANOTHER double ear infection. Gesh!

SO instead of tutorial today, I thought I would tease you with more pictures...mostly because this is all I have time to put together while holding Little Man.

I am excited to show you how to make this shirt.The shirt was made from two basic cheap-o craft tees and I seriously heart how it turned out.

So I promise that tomorrow there will be a post up on the how-to. Photos are all edited and ready to go. So tonight when small fry is in bed, antibiotic hopefully kicking in, I will type up my little how-to.

For now just admire that cute-ear-infected-face.

Thanks for stopping by, 
see ya tomorrow!

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