Apr 27, 2011

Project: Leaving on a Jet Plane

I have decided that I am going to start doing "project" series here and there. Sometimes there will be lots of posts and sometimes just a few. They will be inspired by a different themes and tasks that I experience. They will be projects that I think will be helpful to others.

My first PROJECT series comes from the fact that I had to prepare for a cross country flight with my three Little  Men ALL by myself. I am sure many of you do this often, however I do not enjoy torture so I do not. I wanted to come up with a couple of things that would make the trip easier/more fun/less insane.

So over the next few days it is PROJECT: Leaving on a Jet Plane.

My first project was a simple backpack for each boy. Luckily my fabulous friend had already made two of my boys bags for past birthdays. So all I had to do was make 1. Woohoo.

Simple Drawstring Backpack

The pattern is from Martha Stewart. It is super basic and pretty easy to follow.

I changed the bag a little.

First I added interior pockets. That way crayons won't get lost in the bottom of the bag.

 ...and little friends have a snug place to rest.

In the original pattern it says to use a continuous piece of fabric for the outside and inside. I didn't have fabric that length, so I halved the length, cut two pieces for inside and outside. Then I sewed them together together at the bottom edge to make the outside and inside.

For the pockets I cut 2 strips measuring 5x14. I pressed the top down 1/2".

Sewed along the top.

Then I pinned my strips to the inside lining. In one strip I marked places to sew the crayons holders. They were 1" apart. In the other strip I marked equally to make 4 pockets.

Sew the pocket strip across the bottom and then stitch in the pocket markers.

Then I followed the assembly instructions of the original pattern. The only other variation I made was to use strips of a t-shirt 1' wide, sewn in half, instead of the cording.

The bag came together super fast, it would have been even faster without the pocket, but I seriously heart the pocket so I am okay it took more time.

Now all you have to do is pack each little backpack up with all the essentials for your little travelers.

I just know that this will help my Little Men...yes I am wishing and praying.


Tanya said...

Cute! The crayon holder is a brilliant upgrade!

Amanda said...

Thinking of you! Hope you guys made it there safe and sane! :)

Maggie and Sheepie said...

Take playdough!

Abbie said...

Cute bag. Good luck on your trip. You can do it!


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