Apr 17, 2011

In a Nutshell: Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

Soccer season has begun. That means practices, practices, games, and more games.

It also means lots and lots of smiles from my two older Little Men. 

Middle Little Man is excited to be starting his very first season. He plays a younger league that plays 3 on 3 with no goalie. He LOVES his bright orange uniform. He wore it around the house for days before his first game.

It down-poured his first game, he didn't mind at all. Especially when he kicked in a goal.

During rain intermissions, Littlest Little Man enjoyed running around in all the glorious spring mud.

The rain held off for Oldest Little Man's game.

This game was rather monumental for him since in three seasons this was his very first goal!

After he kicked it in, he turned around and simply smiled and pointed to himself basically saying, "Did you see that Mom? That was me that kicked it in."

As I was jumping up and down in the mud I thought to myself, "Yep son, I saw that was you and now I owe you 5 bucks" Best 5 bucks I have ever spent.

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