May 31, 2011

Pinterested in a New Addiction

Heard of Pinterest? Well if you haven't, don't worry I hadn't either until a couple months ago...thank you my lovely readers for introducing us.

Pinterest is just about the most fun, addicting way to waste time EVER.

It is similar to a digital compilation of all of your computer bookmarks found in one handy dandy place. Instead of bookmarking something you "pin" it. Your pins are categorized by you on "boards". They are put under headers you determine and all organized accordingly.  PLUS, you have access to all of the other things people "pin"...especially those you might follow. This sounds technical, trust me it is not. If I can do it, you can do it.

It is a sensory overload of marvelous ideas. I LOVE IT! I mean seriously. Love. At first I was timid and just used the boards they offered, then before long I got the hang of it and well now my boards are a perfect representation of all things I find lovely. 

You know the pages you pluck from your favorite magazine? Or how about the style cards from the Behr Paint catalog...anyone else do that? Then there is the outfit from this fashion mag, or the shirt from that store. What about the really good recipe you saw in the magazine at the dr's know the one you tried to take a picture of with your cell phone? Well guess, what...this is like a digital online version of your magazine page plucking, cell phone picture taking, style card stealing way to gather ideas.

BUT it is SO much more fun.

I thought in introduction (to at least some of you) of Pinterest I would show you some of my latest pins.

From "For My Closet"

my moving to Idaho outfit 

perfect polka dress...pair it with a yellow cardigan

I want this skirt in the worst way...

From "Recipes I will Try"

 BBQ Chicken Burger w/ Sweet Potato Fries

the only coleslaw to EVER sound yummy

 I heart donuts

From "Projects to Do"
 homemade wooden blocks

utterly delightful picnic basket liner

love this retro duffle cute is that kid??

 Okay so now we move to THE board. The board that gets pins the most often...the one I drool over and wish and hope over the most...

From "For The Home"

TO.DIE.FOR. I would NOT complain if this was my house.Pretty sure there is no 
such house where we are least in my budget.

 did you just hear choirs sing? I did. LOVE.

Hello room. You will be mine.

Okay friends...pinterested yet?

Seriously. Ahhdicting.

So head over to Pinterest. Come on by and check out My Boards, see the rest of my addiction. You can follow know you want to. If you have a Pinterest account let me know so we can be pPinterest friends. If you don't, get yourself an invite to the site. Then get yourself a'pinnin'.


Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

I just started following you on Pinterest :)

Casey R said...

I am so horribly addicted to pinterest! I have a regular post on my blog called "Pinterest Friday". You should check it out @

I'm going to check your boards out right now!


Tara Burton said...

I can tell that I too am going to be addicted ... thanks :)

Vanessa Lynch said...

I'm on Pintrest (as of this morning). I'm having way too much fun on this site!

Val said...

I'm addicted too. Now, I'm following you.

(you can follow me if you'd like!)

Alia said...


Im your follower!

I really really liked your blog!

Keep up the good work!

Do visit mine too at


Rachel said...

Hi, I followed you on pinterest. I can waste sooooo much time on there!
I am at thelifeofriley

amy said...

i loooove pinterest! unfortunately my work place has decided to ban it. It's all my fault! i was on it way to much :(


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