May 8, 2011

Week In a Nutshell: Family, Flying, and Crying, OH MY!

Most of you know that I was out of town for a week. I bravely took to the skies with my three Little Men all by my lonesome. That's right, I made a cross country trek with three kids simply armed with electronic entertainment and lots of food. 

Man was I nervous. 

Mostly because I didn't want to be "that mom". You know the one that all of those without kids, or have since long forgotten what their kids were like, judge and sniff at and roll their eyes. The Mom that they already assume you are because you come walking into the boarding area with 5 travel bags, a giant stroller, and three very excited wiggly kids.

I know...I care WAY too much what people think.

BUT my boys were angels...

at least in the beginning.

I got compliments and accolades in the first airport and on the first plane. I mean look at them...

Even Oldest Little Man who had to sit by himself, just sat there quietly. Well except for the rare occasion he forgot he was wearing headphones and would cheer out loud when he defeated a level.

Ah, but it couldn't stay that easy could it?  Nope, definitely not.

I will try to make a REALLY long story short, so here is the run down...

end of first 50 min flight in sight
airport closed
circle for 20 min
deterred to a different airport
another 50 mins on plane
land in unplanned airport
they won't give me my stroller
2 year old on the loose
new flight plan
flying to Vegas
get to Vegas 5pm PST 8pm our time
no stroller
2 year old on the loose
3 hr lay over
no where to eat
$34 on one sandwich and 3 smoothies
Little Men punch drunk from lack of sleep
leave Vegas at 11:25pm our time
arrive in Portland 1:45 am our time
original arrival was supposed to be 8:30 our time

There was a lot of tears...mostly mine.

All things considering my boys did the very best they could.

Little Men eating their $34 dinner

The Momma overlooking the filth and letting them lay on the ground in the Vegas airport...
yes is rather disgusting.

All worth it to spend time with our family.

We met cousins/nieces and nephews for the first time. Saw family and friends. Played around and all together had a really good time.

My Little Men had a wonderful time. I wish I had more pictures. My battery died and I had left the charger...duh. We have not gotten to spend this much time with so much family for a really long time. I am so grateful that we did.

I can also happily report that the flight back was a complete dream with no unexpected hiccups.


Michelle said...

That sounds like a nightmare, but you sound like you handled it beautifully! Flying is always so stressful as a mom and even if the kids do really well, it's partially because you were on edge the whole time making sure they were kept happy and clean! (At least that is my experience!) Way to go mommy!

Natalie said...

You must be a saint to deal with all of that! Kudos to you! And your boys look gorgeous, by the way. :D

Dave Dyk said...
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Heidi Dyk said...

Oh dear, what a horrible flight over! I had a similar experience (stuck THIRTEEN hours in the Houston airport after visiting Mindy) with just one two year old and I was totally stressing! So glad things went better on the way home and that you had a great trip!


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