May 23, 2011

Project: For Sale, Curb Appeal

Here is another installation of my Project Series. Remember my first one, Project: Leaving on a Jet Plane, found HERE and HERE? This time it is all about getting this house sold. For the last month it seems the majority of my thoughts and efforts have gone to getting our house ready to be sold.

Obviously I am not the expert. This is our first house after all. BUT I have had a lot of great advice, and DUH I watch I am basically a pro. Hahaha.

Today's theme of Project: For Sale is

Curb Appeal

We all know that first impressions are a big deal. We wish we didn't make snap judgements but, let's be honest a lot of times we do. Selling a house is no different. You know what I am talking about. How often do you see an absolutely breathtaking house from the outside and immediately wish it was yours?

So one of our projects was to get the outside ready. NOW, we don't have tons of money so this had to be done on a budget. So today I am sharing some easy and affordable fixes to the outside of your home.

FIRST- give your front door a face lift. Clean it. Paint it if you need to (we did not). Hang a cute wreath. Our latest addition to the door was putting the numeric address onto the front of the door with vinyl. It was super easy and gives it a crisp, traditional, Martha-Stewarty look.

Next, we gave a face lift to our mailbox. We would have loved to replace it, but again...that darn money thing. SO instead we took the generic numbers off the post. Painted the post in a glossy black and then put similar vinyl numbers on the mailbox.

Immediate update. Hubby came home the day I did it and declared, "Look at that fancy mailbox! Why didn't we do this forever ago?"

The last thing I have to share with you is simple. WEED. If you have any flower beds or landscaping, weed even though it is annoying. Just do it. We also put down a fresh layer of mulch. Basically freshen things up and then maintain.

With the outside of your house all beautiful, hopefully people will be knocking down your door to see the beauty within. Then of course they will be fighting to be the one who buys your house...fingers crossed anyway!


Wani said...

We're trying to sell our house too. Its so much work! I hope the process goes well for you!

Amanda said...



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