Jun 5, 2011

In a Nutshell: All for the Trophy

The season is over. Did you hear me go "Yipee!"?

When we originally signed up for soccer, we did not know a move was in our future. The stress of moving definitely made soccer a little less fun, for me at least. The boys still loved it.

All season long I kept hearing about the trophy. "Mom, when do we get our trophy?", "Mom, what do you think our trophy will look like?"

So the day of our last game was highly anticipated. The boys knew they would finally see their trophy after this their last game.

Lots of kicks. A goal each. Lots of running. A potty break...Middle Little Man's favorite past time at the field...YUCK. Littlest Little Man explored. They were great last games. The last soccer games we will play in Ohio. Sigh.

Then finally...the trophies came.

Man were they excited.


Hayley said...

cute stuff

Stockhoff Family said...

Way to go boys (and mom/dad)!!! Those are pretty sweet trophies. Make sure they are packed away real safe and I can't wait to see them when you get to Idaho.


tara said...

that last picture so cute. love it. love you.


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