Jan 11, 2012

Blame the Fumes of Paint

So I hadn't intended to be MIA this week. I had great intentions of picking up my posting since all the holidays are done. FALSE!

I had forgotten about my never ending list of things to do AND that painting several rooms was at the top of those list. Oh and I guess I kind of forgot that I am 7 months pregnant, slow and highly incapacitated. 

SO my plan for taping off a room and painting it's entirety in a simple day was foiled as I waddled up and down a ladder and then collapsed on the couch after one coat...not to get up the rest of that day.

So yeah, my intention of having Middle and Littlest new room ready and looking similar to how it did in our old house...you know like this...remember with fondness with me...

Did NOT happen...well it still looks a little like this...paint stuff out and about...

Rollers wrapped in plastic wrap (a handy dandy little trick that keeps you from having to wash your brush out in between coats...keeps the paint brush in usable condition).

I will say at least I did finally finishing painting yesterday...so this went away.

Due to painting I have been lacking in the ability to get my self presentable. Decided to keep it real and share with you how utterly fantastic I have looked for the last couple of days...

Yeah, I know watch out hot pregnant moms everywhere!

At least the tape is off and the painting is done.

I also managed to face-lift these run of the mill curtains from The Mart. I will share that later when the room is done.

I did accomplish a lot, but I still have to...
put the outlet plates back on
hang up pictures
hang curtain rod and curtains
arrange the bedding and get the bottom bunk ready for Littlest's move
and I have a little sewing project to do using this fabric...

Hmmm...will I finish? We will see. Since I was SO close to being done and all, my body decided to go and get a cold. Foiled again!

It will all get done...my nesting instinct will make sure of that! That is what I keep telling myself anyway!


Melanie said...

Whew...I'm tired just reading this :) I think I'll go take a nap. (by the way things are looking good)...and...i wish I looked that fantastic when i look unfantastic as a pregnant lady. :)

Amanda said...

you're superwoman! It will look great I have no doubt.

Adrienne said...

wow, looks like a lot of work for a pregnant lady. you do seem like superwoman so i'm sure it will all get done and yes, the nesting will kick in and help, ha-ha.


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