Jun 16, 2012

Father's Day Kid's Art T-Shirts

Father's Day is um...yeah, tomorrow. Sharing a last minute idea with you...trust me it is easy enough to pull off today if you need a last minute gift. It has been a last minute kind of week around here.

Hubby has been warned not to ruin his surprise and read this post. All of you who are not Hubby...


I am still working on a gift or two...however, my kids stepped up their game and got their presents all done. Okay, so maybe I helped a little. Still don't think that counts as my gift though. Don't worry I have got myself some cool ideas. Now I just need to try and find the time. Bean might make that hard.

So I came across this method of transferring a drawing onto a t-shirt and I was pretty excited to try it. The secret...


Say what?!?

Yup sandpaper.

Here is what you will need to gather:

t-shirts (white does show the drawing the best)
fine grit sandpaper
good crayons
parchment paper

Have your kiddos draw a picture on the gritty side of the sandpaper. Make sure to tell them to press super hard. For little hands I would go over their drawings after they are done.

Let them draw what they want...

Balloons. People.

Master of the Dark Side.

Or even a famous phrase said by dear old dad.

Remember that the drawing or words will need to be transposed if you want them to show up the right way. My boys' drawings were fine as drawn except for the words on Middle's which I helped him right backwards.

Once the kids are done with their drawings, place the sandpaper with the drawing side down on the shirt where you want the image to be.

Place a piece of parchment paper over the sandpaper and then run an iron firmly over the sandpaper, with the iron on the cotton setting. Make sure to iron thoroughly in order for the drawing to transfer over completely.

After the image is transferred over, place a paper towel over the image and run an iron over it again to remove extra wax. Then run it in the dryer for 20 minutes to set.

When you wash it for the first time, was alone.

Hope this last minute idea helps you out.


The Gibson's said...

I pinned this idea too. What a fun idea!!!

M. Jorgensen said...

So cute!!!!

Michelle@ Learning to Be a Mom said...

What a great idea. I have never heard of that.

Maggie and Sheepie said...

So many possibilities for this technique!


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