Aug 13, 2012

Back to School Shopping

The time of year is here.

The time where displays of crayons, glue, markers, rulers, pencils, and paper meet you as soon as you walk in any store.

Clothing stores start teasing and tempting you with fabulous sales on the newest jeans, tees, hoodies, socks, and shoes.

Back to school shopping!

I have such fond memories of the end of every summer growing up. As summer came to a close, I could be found skipping through the store loading up with all the necessary school paints quite the picture, huh?

Even when I got older and was an oh-so-mature college student, I LOVED buying school supplies.

College school supplies were made even more exciting by the need to purchase big ol' text books.

Yup, I even loved buying text books. Yup, I am weird.

For years after I was done with school, in a mild depression I would wonder the store at back to school time. I was a little blue that I had no reason to buy school supplies.

I was not so blue that I wanted to enroll in school again. Nah. I still have nightmares I am back in school. So I will pass.

However, I still missed buying school supplies.

Then a couple of years ago I got to rejoin the supply-buying masses. Oldest was in school. Yipee!

So I loaded up on all the regulars:


I now floated through the store in school supply bliss (my bliss may end every year when the total comes up on the register...but I try not to let it ruin my love affair with school shopping).

Fast forward some years and this year brings even more excitement.

I am now shopping for TWO students.

All the supplies you could dream it seems a little extra. Is it just me or does it seem like we are supplying enough items for 3 students? I am just saying, I don't think my Kindergartner is going to use FOUR 24 pks of crayons.

Now as much as I love school supply shopping, there is another back to school shopping I love more.

Back to school clothes shopping!

I heart it. I just love restocking the boys' closets. I love putting together a special first day of school outfit.

I love new jeans.

A pile of nicely folded new tees make my heart sing.

Then there are new shoes. Sigh. After a summer of wearing flip flops, it is lovely to bring out a sporty pair of lace-ups or a causal pair of slip-ons.

Shirts from Target 

Love it.

If I could, I would go back to school clothes shopping crazy. I love mixing and matching different items to make pretty much the most awesome boy outfit.

It takes some time. It take some skill (if I do say so myself). It takes some patience.

Shopping for boys is WAY harder than shopping for girls. The availability of to.die.for boys clothes is slim.
Oh you can find an awesome item here and there, but hardly ever can you find an entire outfit.

Especially if you are on a budget. I mean I love Target and all, but their selection for boy's clothes isn't even that great all the time.

I love to "window" shop for my boys online. You know when you peruse all your favorite sites, even the ones you can't afford, and put together what you would buy if you had a mountain of money. A Scrooge McDuck vault of money to swim in if you will.

Recently in a momentary hallucination that I was Scrooge McDuck, I kind of went crazy and put some outfits together for my boys. I even put them together story board style for my organization and viewing pleasure.

It was a little addicting to put together ultra awesome outfits. I had the giddy claps after several of the outfits.

I don't want to hog all the giddy blissness, so I am sharing my boy outfits with you.

Here are my favorite so far. I put the links to all of the clothing items underneath each outfit just in case you have a little man you need to dress for school and you have a vault of money that you occasionally swim in.


This is my absolute favorite. Trying to figure out a way to 
justify buying this outfit.

Marvel Shirt: Zara
Stripped Shirt: GAP
Yellow Puff Vest: GAP
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Red Sneakers: Zara

This outfit is super cool and laid back. LOVE those shoes. All this
outfit needs is a knit beanie.

Gray V-neck Tee: GAP
Purple Plaid Button-up: Old Navy
Jeans: GAP
Black Hightops: Old Navy

This for sure is the most expensive and day-dreaming outfit.
I mean I did include TOMS after all.

Gray Stripped Shirt: GAP
Skull Sweater: GAP
Blue Puff Vest: GAP
Skinny Stretch Jeans: GAP

For a little reminiscence of our good old Ohio, here is 
a Go Buckeyes outfit. Hubby will appreciate this one.

Ohio State Shirt: GAP
Red Plaid: GAP
Gray Pants: GAP
Gray Slip-Ons: GAP
Red Watch: GAP 

I already have some more outfits in the works. So excited. Almost enough to make up for the fact these will never see the boys' closet. Hahaha.

Happy back to school shopping friends!


ColleenandKendra said...

Wow! That is greatness. I wonder if your boys could actually wear that stuff in September! My Texas brain went right to "That isn't going to work until December around here!" I love school supplies, too. And being a teacher AND mom I get to have double the pleasure!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Yeah, these outfits won't work here until October either. BUT I still LUVVVV them.

Heather said...

Where do you shop usually, besides Target for clothes? I am just loving the way you dress your boys. And I agree they don't have nearly enough cute stuff for boys.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...


Most of my Little Men's clothes come from Target, Old Navy, and Children's Place.

However, I am always on the look out anywhere I go for something cute and something on sale. You can find affordable treasures almost anywhere.

Good Luck!


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