Aug 11, 2012

Canning Peaches

I love peaches.

Do you?

Around here peach season is upon us.

And with my new know where I cut fresh veggies and fruit...oh yeah and occasionally chicken...and I put them in glass jars...and then preserve the heck out of them...

Well with this new canning obsession, we may have purchased 40lbs of peaches.

That is a lot of peaches. The peaches we brought home, in whole, weighed more than Little. Woosh.

We had enough peaches to get 45 pints. Look at my beauties.

Now canning peaches are a sticky hot mess.

After a little research, we put together our canning game plan.

I chose to do a light simple syrup. So that was going in one pot. Then the water bath pot was filled and set to boiling to get ready for the jars. We also had a stock pot of boiling water going to immerse the peaches in for less than a minute. That is a lot of pots going on a stove. Can you say sweat much?

The peaches were boiled shortly, then immersed into ice water. Thanks to this process the skins just come right off.

Then thanks to these ladies the sticky peaches were sliced up to be put into the jars.

No seriously, these girls saved my life. What took us 5 hours, probably would have taken me 8 at least by myself.

They also helped make sure that my Bean wasn't left to seeking nourishment from his swing.

After just about 5 hours of peeling, cutting, filling, and cooking, we were done. Sweaty, sticky, and delirious, but done.

Now my shelves are lined with jars of peachy goodness.

Seriously, I am really liking this canning. What shall I can next? Suggestions?


http://thankfullga447 said...

I just canned tomatoes and Sunday I will do my last batched. My most successful and lots of compliments was 3 berry jam. You need to use blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or strawberries. I got so many compliments. Made for Xmas presents, need to make one more batch before the summer is out. I also did orange marmalade with pink grapefruit and was a it. I want to try tangerine marmalade.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Mmmm...3 berry jam! That sounds delightful. Will have to try next.

M. Jorgensen said...

you are AMAZING! I wish! Haha way to go! You should try salsa, or beans, apple pie filling, pears, many choices!!! Hahaha

Ange said...

I was thinking of making some jam, now after reading your post and the other comments I am hungry! So I guess I had better get started!


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