Aug 21, 2012

Pencil Skirt from a T-Shirt

Before I discuss the skirt in this little picture, two things.

Thing One: Does anyone recognize that I gave you all a break from seeing my front door? I am not sure why every skirt post I have done in the last few months has me standing in front of that door.

See what I mean?

This is probably because I am lazy and don't go out on photo shoots. Some ladies always look so classy and model-like when they pose their homemade clothes, strolling some droll location.

I mean seriously, have you ever seen Leanne Barlow's blog? Then there is the blog Kristina J I just found. Why can't I strike a pose like these ladies. GLAM much.

I digress.

Basically, I just wanted you to know I've got your back and I will give you a reprieve from my front door. I just um, took a few steps to the you can look at our stone wall. Lucky you.


Thing Two: I must, must, must give a little Hallelujah for the yellow cardigan.

I have been yearning and craving fortnightly for a yellow cardigan. Seriously I have been looking for years. I had searched online, in every store, thrift stores, my sister's get the idea. I simply could not find one at all.

Then while reading my friend Vanessa's blog recently, choirs sang, bells rang, and I darn near fell out of my chair.

She too had been on the same search, but her search was over. She had found one, and glory be it was at Old Navy. We have an Old Navy. Boom.

I may or may not have hit the store that very night. I may or may not have cradled the cardigan in the store. I may or may not have clapped like a 5 year-old getting a new pony.

So review-

Yay for a no door photo.
Dreamy yellow cardigan...check.

So wait, wasn't there something about a pencil skirt from a t-shirt?

Why yes, yes there was.

The other day when walking The Mart, a place I find myself WAY too much, I passed a rack of men's t-shirts on clearance. My eye was immediately drawn to a navy blue and white stripped shirt. As soon as I saw it, I saw a pencil skirt.

No, I don't know why. I don't ask my brain these things. I am just feel grateful when the thing actually works.

So without hesitation, I picked up the shirt.

This skirt literally came together in about an hour. My kind of project.

In about an hour I turned a ordinary t-shirt to this-

I paired this knit pencil skirt with a white shirt, my yellow cardigan (yay), and nude peep toes.

I am working on a tutorial for you. I whipped out this skirt so quickly, oh and late at night, so I didn't get a tutorial put together. Don't worry though, it will happen.

I pinky swear.

Thanks for reading. I sure appreciate ya.


Adrienne said...

wow, now that is pretty awesome. bet my hubby would love that one. he'd like me to be more into skirts cuz he thinks they look great on me and i'm slowly but surely starting to like them more and more. well, summer is almost over so maybe next summer i will totally love skirts and wear them more often :-) i love the stripes...that's a great skirt. oh, trying the pork and bean chalupas smells amazing in this house!

Leigh Anne said...

What a cute skirt! And I was cracking at your front door jokes and your yellow cardi love. So glad you found the yellow looks like it will go with so many things! Way to score a t-shirt from The Mart and transform it :)

The Gibson's said...

Love love love, can't wait to see how you made it!!!

Stockhoff Family said...

Seriously, where do you get this stuff. Just one trip in your head would be deeelightful! It all looks amazing as always and witty as always.


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