Aug 28, 2012

Boredom Buster: Rice Krispies Legos

This idea was originally supposed to be a part of my Project No More "I'm Bored!"

Well, the last little bit of Summer was so busy and jam-packed that there really wasn't an "I'm bored!" to be heard.

Since I still really wanted to do this activity, I set aside some time to make it happen. Even after I "set aside some time", it still took me almost an additional week to "make it happen". Hahaha. Oh well.

We eventually got to all our Rice Krispies Lego building fun. The much anticipated activity totally lived up to the hype. A totally boredom buster when there is boredom and a fun activity when fun is needed.

Making Rice Krispie Legos was really easy.

I gathered enough Rice Krispie cereal, marshmallows, butter, and food coloring to make four batches of Rice Krispie treats.

My original intention was to make blue, green , yellow, and red. Eh, well, red turned out more pink. The boys didn't seem to mind.

After I made each batch, I turned the pan over onto a sheet of plastic wrap. The whole pan of rice treats just dumped out in a solid brick. I then wrapped it up and let it set on the counter to firm up.

Now you simply let it set over night...I uh wanted to make sure it was good and set so I let it set for a couple of days...totally meant to do that.

After they have set and are firmer, unwrap each brick and start cutting.

I cut mine into rows and then cut each row in either small squares or rectangles. You know like the different size Legos.

Then I put them in bags according to color where they proceeded to store for another several days waiting for me to find the time. I think my boys were getting to the point where they didn't think we were ever going to build with these.

I was good to my word and we finally got around to building with our Rice Krispies Legos.

I of course made them all wash their hands...because I knew an equal amount of building and eating was going to be happening.

Then they started building.


A fleet of ships.

AND...Um...your guess is as good as mine...

Oldest did bust out some kind of robot. He did request the use of toothpicks to make the arms stay on.

He found out that his robot tasted pretty darn yummy.

They boys and their friends had a great time. They enjoyed the building almost as much as they did the eating. I enjoyed watching them have fun almost as much as I enjoyed eating a lot a few treats myself.

Rice Krispie Treats--good.
Rice Krispie Treat Legos--awesome.

Boredom officially busted.

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Stockhoff Family said...

Very cool, gee I don't know how come we couldn't fit all that in during that last week I was there!! What with all the canning, sewing and "lazy days" of summer we had!! I think that looks like a super fun activity, nice one. :)


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