Sep 23, 2012

In a Nutshell: My Boys

I am feeling a bit hormonal sappy this week.

Sometimes in the midst of check-lists, obligations, appointments, errands, menu-making, projects and such I forget to stop and notice the really important going-ons around me.

I forget, if you will, to take out my mental camera and capture the precious moments.

My precious moments involving four Little Men gifted to me by a very, very generous Heavenly Father.

Part of this week was spent with Hubby out of town. While there is a bit of hanging on by my teeth and just waiting for him to come home, I have tried to cherish the just Mom and boys time. Besides a few moments of utter chaos and pure desperation, we have had a good time.

I have four delight boys that are delightfully different. I am proud to be their Momma. I am beyond grateful.

Allow me to further the sappiness by sharing pictures I have taken of each of them recently. None of them for project, blog, or portrait purposes.

I took them as a Mom wanting to keep a memory.

I was actually taking pictures for a food post coming soon.
As I was putting my camera away, he said I should take a picture of him
taking a bite of a muffin.

I love that I captured his one dimple.
I love that I know he was making a thumbs up indicating "yum good".
I love that he came up with the idea.
I love that this was his little way of supporting all my blog craziness.
I am glad I let dinner get just that much colder so I could snap his picture too.

He is all about being a football player.
His favorite thing to do is put on his Ohio State jersey...
(Yup he is still an Ohio State fan even in Idaho)
and his football shorts.
(That is what he calls his pj shorts)

He sleeps in this outfit.
He wants to wear it all day.
He wants me to sew foam into it so he can be a real player with pads.
I even let him wear this to the store.
Someday the football won't look so giant in his hands. 

Gah, I LOVE that face.
His little squinty-eyed grin.
I love that you can tell he is saying "cheese".

We were off to preschool again.
This day I was in love with his rockin' outfit and just had
to snap a picture.

He has been so excited to be in preschool.
Every day he asks if he gets to go to school.
All of his new pants he calls his "preschool pants". 

Oh that face. 
Can anyone get enough of that face.

I haven't made it a secret to anyone that Bean was a surprise to our family.
What a wonderful, utterly fantastic surprise!

I snapped this picture of him hanging out while I was doing something or I feel I always am.
He sits there content most of the time. I wanted to capture how he puts up with me leaving him in his chair.

Instead I captured this. This is the face he makes when I or anyone else he loves comes near.

Immediate grin.
Which produces more immediate grins from anyone close by.
Can you see those teeny tiny adorable teeth?

Thanks for letting me go on about my love for these boys.

I am a normal Momma and not every second of every day is sunshine and roses. There are days when I am simply commanding the somewhat insolent troops through the trenches.

But they are my troops and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Thanks again for letting me indulge in the sappiness.

Have you indulged lately in what makes you sappy?

I highly recommend it. It will be good for you heart.


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

They grow up so fast, it's always fun to take a minute and enjoy the little moments with them.

M. Jorgensen said...

I need to do this more often, I find myself somtimes only finding the negative instead of the positive. Especially during this whole teething thing....ugh. also; middle's pic is a total miniture Greg, and little's pic is a total miniture dad!

Amanda said...


Melanie said...

I love the sappiness. Because, like you, I rarely take the time to indulge in it.

Your boys are so sweet. It still KILLS me to see just how darn big "Oldest" has gotten. He's just as handsome as ever...only bigger.

Thanks for sharing your sweet "mommyness" with us today.


Karen said...

Great post about your great boys. I think you're pretty amazing yourself and they are very lucky to have you!!

Adrienne said...

awww, very sweet blog. i completely enjoy looking back at our tons and tons of pics since our 2 kids have been born. it's always good for my heart :-) sometimes you just go through each day and get your stuff done and it's always good to be sappy and remember that they won't be kids forever.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thank you EVERYONE for letting me indulge and supporting me whilst I do it.


Stockhoff Family said...

Well, it goes without saying that I love the sappiness! Have I told you recently what an amazing Momma I think you are? You are, and daughter and friend.


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