Oct 31, 2012

Luke Skywalker-Star Wars Halloween Finale

This young Jedi in training wishes you a very Happy Halloween.

This was the costume I was finishing yesterday exactly 45 minutes before our Halloween party.

I left the Skywalker costume till last because I figured it was the easiest...


Sometimes I am delusional...

Okay most the time I am delusional.

My mental stability aside, it got done and I super love how Luke turned out.

Again, I sewed everything but the accessories out of a lightweight fleece. Now if you ask my machine if the fleece was lightweight, it would probably "Hurmph" at me. My machine definitely did not like sewing all this fleece.

Tiny Chewbacca probably broke my machines will right off the bat.

Skywalker's faux boots also seriously strained my machine. I am really happy though with how that part turned out. We seem to always be making costumes that require boots. I have made shoe covers before and they always get trashed. So for the last several costumes I made the bottom of the pants look like the top of the boots. Then the boys just wear regular shoes.

To make Luke's faux boots I sewed on individual strips of felt onto the bottom of the pants. I layered them a little like mummy wrapping. I totally think that they look similar to Luke's boots.

Unfortunately all of those felt strips being attached to my "lightweight" fleece made for slow and tedious sewing.

My machine and I were fighting by the end.

Thank heavens, she hung in there and all the costumes got done. There was a minute or two where I had the very real fear they wouldn't.

Luckily Oldest was able to be a Jedi and didn't have to squeeze into his Wolverine costume from last year.

Not a huge Star Wars buff, but even I know Wolverine doesn't really seem to fit in.

We almost didn't have a light saber either. I had plans to make some...I still might try my idea some day. However, time, um kind of, um got away from me. So yesterday morning I was running around town looking for a light saber.

Luckily it only took a couple of stores.

Luke wouldn't be Luke without one.

I even made a belt out of felt with a loop to attach his light saber too. He looked pretty legit.

Finishing the Luke Skywalker costume rounded out our Star Wars Halloween of 2012.

I am not sure which costume is my favorite. Which one do you like best? If you can choose that is...hahaha.

I got one picture of them all together. It was rouuuuughfff. Hence the not-so-perfect shot. Still I thought it would be fun to see them all together.

So grateful to be the Momma to these Little Men.

Looking forward to our little Halloween.

Happy Halloween to all of you. Be safe and have fun.

Thanks for reading.


Ashley said...

O i love them all. Im a new follower:) after finding your blog and stalking it (haha, just a little) i got the creative itch again. love all your tutorials! thanks for sharing your talent!!

The Gibson's said...

Seriously great job on all four costumes. I am not sure if I would ever have the patience to make my kids costumes and I think if I did I would need to start in July to get them all done. And by that time they would have changed their minds!

Stockhoff Family said...

Awesome again!!!! I wish I could be there to go with them.

M. Jorgensen said...

You rocked it yet again larissa! They look amazing!!! Great job!

McIntire Madness said...

Those are awesome!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

I seriously can't get enough of all your Halloween Costume Awesomeness! You are a rock star!
xoxo, ashley

Tasha said...

Larissa, you are one incredible woman!! All of them are just fabulous!! LOVE your themes every year.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Ladies, you have made my day with your sweetness!!

Catherine said...

Your boys are so, so cute! I have three boys myself, and middle (6yo) is named Luke. I totally want to do this next year!

Unknown said...

Would you sell these? I'd pay for them!


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