Mar 13, 2013

A Pinteresting Wednesday: Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Oven

Welcome to A Pinteresting Wednesday. The day of the week where I share a project I have accomplished or a tip I have tried off of one of my Pinterest boards.

This week I am actually sharing a pin I saw but never pinned. Don't ask me why.

Sometimes I am all like, "That looks cool. I can remember where to find that. Feeling too lazy to pin it." Then inevitably I do forget.

Then I am all like, "Hey Lady, why didn't you pin that. Didn't you remember your brain has the retention of a small gnat." 

Thank heavens Pinterest has a search field. Yippee.

On to Oven Hard-boiled Eggs.

Easter is very quickly approaching. Time to start thinking about Easter eggs.

I know plastic ones are so much easier. Plus you don't have to worry about losing one somewhere and facing a rotten egg weeks later. Especially if you are like us and more years than not it is too cold to go outside.

Rotten eggs in ones house is not a great thing.

However, I still can't help making traditional hard-boiled Easter eggs. For one thing, I get to eat hard-boiled eggs which I love. Then Hubby gets to make egg salad sammies...which I DO NOT love, but he does. Lastly, and MOST importantly, my kids get to dye Easter eggs, which they look forward to every year.

No, I did not make these eggs for Easter I am not that crazy...crazy yes, just not that crazy. I made these for our Seusstastical Celebration two weeks ago.

When making them, I followed the instructions found on Unsophisticook.

I put a dozen eggs in a muffin tin and put them in a 325 degree preheated oven. I cooked them for 30 minutes.

A little heads up, when they are done they have little brown spots on them. They come off immediately when you put them in the ice water.

Or you can skip the ice water step and let them rest for about 20 minutes. Then when you dye them the brown spots will also come off then.

They are perfectly done. Creamy, yet cooked through.


I loved cooking eggs this way, I didn't have to heat up any water or have any pots out. I also didn't have to worry about the shells cracking.

Glory be, Hallelujah!

I will let you know, that while I like this method Hubby prefers to STEAM his hard-boiled eggs. You can find how to do that HERE.

I would love for you to follow along with all my Pinterest adventures.

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My Recent Favorite Books said...

I love this idea, Ive never tried it! =)


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