Mar 27, 2013

A Pinteresting Wednesday: Pinata Letters

Welcome to A Pinteresting Wednesday here at Just Another Day in Paradise.

I love Pinterest.

Who doesn't.

I especially love Pinterest for planning parties. I have a whole board for general party ideas. I also make a new board for every party that I have coming up.

The most recent party--A Turning Uno Mexican Fiesta

I referenced my Mexican Fiesta Party board quite a lot for ideas and jumping off inspiration.

Quite a few of the ideas I used were from a Mexican Cinco de Mayo wedding posted on Ruffled.

I pretty much loved every detail. E.V.E.R.Y. detail.

One of the details I loved the most were the pinata letters. The idea seemed so simple and I loved how they looked.

So I set out to make a set of Pinata Letters.

I bought letters at a craft store.

I bought tissue paper in all the right Fiesta colors.

I unfolded individual sheets of tissue paper and cut strips following the fold lines.

I folded all the strips in half lengthwise and ran a gluestick across the top to stick the top together.

Repeat with all the colors.

Cut little strips at the folded edge, 2/3 the way down towards the bottom.

Once you have cut all the strips it is time to glue the strips to the letters. Start at the bottom. Glue and wrap one layer at a time. Then layer another one so the ruffle is just above the bottom ruffle.

I did two layers of each color.

Repeat until the letter is completely covered. I used five colors total. Sometimes you have to wrap creatively. Once I got to the top I wrapped over the excess edge like a birthday present and glued it down.

One letter down...

...a few more to go.

Hubby said I should give a disclaimer that this project might take a little time. Eh...nothing a few episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond can't take care of.

Gotta say, it was totally worth the time.

Do you use Pinterest to help plan your parties? Man it is such a great place for PINspiration.

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My Recent Favorite Books said...

Love this idea!


Anonymous said...

except for when you need backyardigand inspiration! haha i'm texting you right now!


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