Mar 17, 2013

Sunday Lessons: Might Have JOY

Several weeks ago I taught a lesson about the purpose of life at church to a group of Young Women.

Through teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ I have gained the knowledge that the purpose of life is really quite simple.

Men are that they might have joy and true joy is being able to return to live with our Father in Heaven.

We talked about how the purpose of life is to prepare to live with our Father in Heaven. Living in such a way will bring us true joy.

True joy, not what I call having a piece-of-chocolate-happy. That is the kind of happiness in the moment, but that can go away super quick.

True joy is forever kind of joy. How awesome is that?!?

We are here to gain a FOREVER kind of joy.

I wanted to make a fun hand out for the girls to remember the main message of the lesson.

I bought some Almond Joy candy bars and made up some tags to tape to them. I taped the tag right in front of the word "joy". The tag says "Men are that they might have..."

So all together the hand out says, "Men are that they might have JOY".

I made up a sheet of the tags that you can download and use for a hand out. Save it to your computer. Print out and tape it to regular sized Almond Joy candy bars.

Download HERE

Happy Sunday.
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SStockhoff said...

That is awesome kiddo, I miss YW. In Sunbeams we made paper quilts to learn about the Holy Ghost out "comforter ". Pretty sure it went way over their heads.

Danielle said...

this is exactly what i was looking for. THANK YOU!


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