Jan 21, 2014

Minecraft Be MINE Valentine T-Shirt

Another installment of Valentine's Day T-shirt  Palooza. Woohoo!

This may or may not be the "cooler" shirt Oldest wanted. You know the one I referred to in his Hashtag Valentine's Day T-shirt.

Even though I am in love with the Hashtag Shirt, I can't blame Oldest too much for being jealous of his brother's shirt.

After all, what video game loving boy doesn't think Minecraft is the coolest game ever?

So to have a Minecraft Valentine's Day shirt is kind of the best thing ever...at least in this house.

To make this shirt, I used the image I made for the Creeper T-shirt party favors for Middle's Minecraft Creeper Birthday Party a couple of months ago.

I changed the text on the first T-shirt to say BE MINE...hahaha get it...be MINE...MINECRAFT...anywho...

I also created an old school looking graphic heart image using PicMonkey to go along with the whole Valentine's Day theme.

02.11.15 UPDATE
***I have now made available the image for this shirt. GO HERE to find the image I made for this shirt.***

I cut the images out of red and black flocked heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl with my Silhouette. I used a soft lovely...er I mean manly...gray heather tee from Target.

A fun boy-approved Valentine's Day T-shirt for my Minecraft lovin' Little Man.

Not shocking this is the favorite t-shirt in our house right now. It is Minecraft mania around here I tell you.

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Anonymous said...

Love this! I have all girls so it's all ruffles and lace and pink everything! I love that you make awesome crafts and things for BOYS!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks!!! Hahaha, I am opposite with all boys so there are no ruffles and pink whatsoever.

SStockhoff said...

I love the stuff you come up with. This is pretty sweet. Love those boys.

Heather said...

Do you have a template for this? I would love to try to make it for my boys!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Email me. I will see I should have the original file and I would be happy to send it to you.

LeslieH said...

OMGosh my son would love this for his valentines party at school! We just glued hundreds of construction paper squares on to make a grass block valentine box!
Could you send me the file also? Does it have the hearts on it too? I don't have a siluette machine put I was thinking I would stencil it. I would be happy to pay for it!!!


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