Feb 9, 2015

Amaze-BALLS Teacher Valentine

Saturday is Valentine's Day. That means that Friday is the day that Valentine's gets celebrated at school. So it is time for Teacher Valentine's. Every year I try to come up with a little something for the Little Men's teachers. Last year I even had to come up with something for all the teachers since I am over Teacher Appreciation for our school.

Last year we did the CRUSH Valentine's for the teachers. They were probably one of my favorite teacher Valentine's to date and I was totally figuring that I couldn't come up with something for this year that I liked as much.

Then I realized that I love gumballs, I love the made up word amazeballs, and I love teachers. So the Valentine pretty much wrote itself.

To make these I gathered a couple of glass milk bottles and some gumballs. I opted for these sweet pink gumballs.

I gathered a helper or two and filled the bottles with the gumballs.

I made these tags in PicMonkey. Then I printed out enough Amazeballs Tags for each teacher.

 Download Amazeballs Teacher Valentine's HERE

I tied on the tags with a bit of fabric. There ya have it. A fun, delightfully fantastic way to say Happy Valentine's Day to your kids' teachers.

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