Feb 11, 2015

Minecraft Be Mine Valentine Shirt

Last year I made this Minecraft Be Mine Valentine shirt. This year that post has gotten a lot, like A LOT of traffic. I have gotten a lot of emails asking for the image.

Unfortunately, last year I didn't have an image to give because when I made it making the image was kind of a hodgepodge of techniques. Since I have received SO many emails asking for this image I decided I probably should make one to give out.

SO here you all go...

the Creeper Be Mine Valentine shirt image.

To save the image to your computer, just right click and save the image. You can enlarge and manipulate the image as you need. 

The one I used for my shirt is slightly different in the spacing. However, this one will but just as cool for all of those Minecraft obsessed kiddos out there.

To make it like I did you just need two different colors of heat transfer vinyl and a vinyl cutter. To paint the image on just trace the image onto freezer paper and use two different colors of fabric paint.

Hope this image helps all of those wanting to make this shirt. Any questions just leave it to me in a comment or email me.



Unknown said...

Thank you so much! My minecraft obsessed child is going to love it!

My Gerona said...

Me and my kids love Minecraft and Roblox too. I also found it amusing that my eldest son found a way how to get free robux and now they spend a lot of their free time playing.


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