Feb 13, 2015

Chocolate Covered Cherry Hearts

Valentine's Day is almost here. Like, tomorrow almost here.

Here is a really quick and easy Valentine treat you can make for someone you LUHVE. Plus these Chocolate Covered Cherry Hearts are super yummy.

These are ridiculously easy to make. All you need is--

cherry hearts
milk chocolate chips
wax paper

First melt the chocolate chips by the double broiler method. Put the chips in a bowl and then place the bowl over the top of a saucepan of shallow simmering water. The water and the bottom of the bowl should not touch. Stir the chocolate constantly until melted.

Use a toothpick to dip the cherry heart into the chocolate.

Cover the heart with chocolate and shake gently to remove excess chocolate.

Using a second toothpick, remove the chocolate covered heart from the first toothpick onto a sheet of wax paper.

Repeat until all the hearts are covered.

Let the chocolate cool and harden for at least 3 hours and up to overnight.

Now they are all ready. See how easy peasy it is.

You can package them up all pretty and give them away or you can just eat them right off the wax paper and say Happy Valentine's Day to yourself.

Or you can do what I did and give some away and eat some. A win win.

So Happy Valentine's Day and happy chocolate eating.

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