Jun 1, 2015

Bluberry Cereal Trail Mix

Three out of my four boys all prefer eating cereal dry.

No milk. No spoons.

They like their cereal to be finger food. Which, hey, as a mom on the go I don't really have too many complaints about that. Have snack will travel.

That is always a good thing.

With Summer basically here, that means baseball, swimming lessons, sports camps, road trips and oh so many other activities. That means we are snacking a lot on the go. I really wanted to create a snack that was fun, portable, and still healthy.

So I decided to use one of my boys' favorite cereals as the jumping off point for a healthy trail mix. My boys really like Kellogg's mini shredded wheat. The flavored ones are at the top of their list. I grabbed a box of Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats. Then I gathered up a few other ingredients and I made up a batch of this Blueberry Trail Mix.

Cereal makes the best trail mix. Plus you can pretty much make up any kind of trail mix you want. Then you throw it in any portable container and take it with you. I am not above just throwing it at my kids while driving.

My boys really liked this mix. Ninety percent wholesome, Ten percent chocolate. Perfect.

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