Jun 16, 2015

Mother's Garden Lunch

A few weeks ago, you know back when school was still in and the kids were occupied 6 hours of the day, I threw a little lunch for a few moms. A little way for us to enjoy that last day of peace.

My favorite way to decorate for something simple like this is to use 80% of what I have on hand and 20% bought. Those statistics are totally legit. You know what they say about stats you find on the internet.

But seriously, it is the best way to throw something together.

I used a combination of my dishes. I know you are all shocked that my dishes are all white. I pulled out my dining chairs and mixed them with my favorite folding chairs. Mason jars, white serving dishes, mixed-matched silverware, and a giant piece of fabric rounded out the decorations that I already had.

I basically just added some flowers.

Some of them I was even able to plant in planters on my front porch.

We had a light lunch.

There was lemon infused water, chicken salad sandwiches, and homemade pita chips.

Good lunch. Good friends. Good times. It was a good way to say hello to Summer.

We will probably have to do it again.

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