Jun 29, 2015

Pretty Little Drawstring Mess Kit Bag

I just spent a little less than a week out in the woods camping it up with a fabulous group of young women. We ate. We laughed. We cried. We hiked. We grew. We learned. So basically it was awesome and we did lots of stuff.

When you go camping, word on the street is that you occasionally will want to eat a meal. Since whilst enjoying nature, one should probably take care of nature it is best to have dishes to use that do not have to be thrown away.

That means you need a mess kit.

What is a mess kit? (I know some of you might be asking)

A mess kit is a set of dishes, mostly likely plastic. You know a cup, a plate, a bowl, and some silverware. Then it all goes in a little bag for convenient transporting.

Most of the time the bag is a simple mesh bag. I decided I wanted to go a little more pretty and a little less boy scouty. Oh and by the way, isn't my cute little neighbor/model the cutest? She sure is.

So I bought some plastic turquoise dishes from Target. I also found a set of coordinating napkins. Those coordinating napkins were not for me to wipe up my face. Instead  I used them to make my mess kit.

I took each napkin and right side down and folded over the top down 3 inches. Then fold up the bottom deep enough to make a pocket. One side I let as a regular pocket for my plates.

On the other side, I split the pocket. One side was left as a pocket and the other side was sectioned off for my silverware.

I sewed all the pockets in place. Then I laid the napkins on top of each other, right sides facing. I sewed seams across the sides and the bottom, stopping before the top seam you sewed, the casing seam for the drawstring.

I used biased tape that I had previously stitched up for my drawstring. You can also use thin cording.

 Cut two long pieces of your cord. Using a safety pin, weave one end of one string from one side all the way around the bag. Then weave the other string from the opposite side all the way round. Knot the ends of the cords.

Now you have an adorable drawstring mess kit bag.

I got a lot of compliments on this bag at girls camp. Obviously this isn't a drawstring bag I could send with my boys to scout camp, but I intend to go to girls camp lots and lots over the years. So now I never have to worry about my mess kit again.

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