Jun 18, 2015

Southwestern Hamburgers

Burgers are delightful. When we made these a few weeks ago, we ate outside sitting on a sprawled out blanket. One of the things we love about living here is that you can eat outside  practically all Summer.

The heat dies down in the evening. The breeze is cool and refreshing. No humidity. Hardly any bugs. Yep. We are kind of unbelievably lucky. We will not mention that it can snow here quite a lot in the winter. We are not talking about winter. Plus who wants to eat soup outside? Not me. So let's just hurdle over that whole winter topic thing.

Focus on Summer. Glorious eat-out-of-doors Summer.

This burger has been shared on the blog, before the blog was really a blog. I took the picture indoors, at night. There was a flash on the bright blue plate. The hamburger did not look appealing. Which is a shame because this burger is DELIGHTFUL. Delightful I tell you.

While I have shared this burger before way back in the day, we made a few changes per The Husbands suggestion. Good suggestions too. They made this burger SO good. Guess I will keep that guy around.

If you are looking for a new hamburger to try, well this is the burger. We served our burgers with fresh strawberries and Slow Cooker Mexican Corn on the Cob

Print HERE

Happy grilling, happy eating, and happy Summer-ing (totally a word).

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My Recent Favorite Books said...

This hamburger looks delicious! =)


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