Aug 3, 2010

Felt Bracelet Tutorial

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About a month ago I was lucky enough to guest post over at Someday Crafts

Here is the tutorial I did for her site. Thought I would now pass it along here, just for those who may have missed it.

Back tomorrow with a new tutorial...well as long as the sickness officially leaves our house. WHAT is with summer colds???

Washer Felt Cuff

You will need:

Spray paint
Diamond Glaze
t-shirt scraps
coordinating thread
hot glue

First: You will need to spray paint your washer with your chosen color. It will take several coats.

Once your washer is painted and dried, you will apply this--

Slowly outline and then fill in your washer. Make sure to follow the instructions on the Diamond Glaze...allow for proper time to will take a couple of days.

With your t-shirts scraps, take a strip about 1 inch by 14 and roll into a flower...
here is a tutorial I recently did for this technique.

Now that you have a rolled t-shirt flower, hot glue it onto the center of your washer.

To make the cuff, measure the length you need to go around your wrist. Cut two strips out of felt measuring that length by the width of 1 1/2".

Pin the two pieces together and sew around the outside edge. Then "quilt" it by sewing every 1/4". It will look like this--

To attach the snap, figure out where the closure will need to be.

Mark that spot. Make a small slit with an exacto knife for the snap pieces to go into, and then follow snap instructions.

Once the snap is in place, hot glue your washer onto the felt cuff.

Now you have a great and original piece of cuff jewelry. So easy to make and so cute.

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Rachel said...

seriously! I never knew that you could do that with a washer...I'm going to the hardware store asap! (good thing hubby works there)

Nancy said...

That is really cute. I had never heard of that diamond glaze stuff but it is magic! This will go on my "to craft" list.

Confessions of a Paper-Crafts Chick said...

Hey Larissa,

I really like the felt bracelet. It'll add a nice accent to the perfect dress, etc. Since there's a tutorial included I believe I'll give it a try too. :o)

Francisca Mateus said...

SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! I Will try to find snaps, e and will try! Then, i send you a foto, ok?
Thank you so much for this simple great idea!

Robin Ange said...

Thank you so much for linking up to I am having a Stash-Busting September party. Check the blog for details soon...

cathyohler said...

Thanks for a really cute bracelet my grandkids will really love these. May I ask what is the size of the appears in the tutorial as the center is larger in the finished one than in the supplies picture. Is there a size I would ask for?
Thanks again
Cathy Ohler


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