Aug 16, 2010

The Smartigan: Making a Pattern

Before I start my oh-so-insightful "how to make a pattern" tutorial, I just want to vent...just one teensie weensie sec...

So the first week of competition is done. It did NOT go well. Not because I didn't win...I mean I am sure that wouldn't of hurt, but you can't always win everything...and if you do then well I wish I was you.

So it didn't go well, because there were some people who forgot their manners. It is never good to forget your manners.

In comments on the polling system, I (along with some of the other FABULOUS ladies) was accused of not being creative, being a "theme pretender", and the real kick to the gut...I was accused of not bringing my A game and doing something that didn't require any effort. 

I am not making this stuff up...yes there are people out there who actually said those things. I know right, who died and made them the blogging equivalent of Simon Cowell??

So I just want to say, yup it hurt. Yup I cried. AND you know what...YUP they were wrong.

I loved my Smartigan while I was making it (which took me the whole effort my rump). I loved it when I put it on my handsome little man. I loved it during my super sweet photo sessions (yup I bought those fake glasses just for this...hehehe). I loved it when others didn't. I still LOVE it!

THANK YOU to all those who let me know you loved it. Thanks for all the votes. Thank you to Heidi at Made by Heidi (a seriously cute blog) she has been so encouraging about all of our projects.

Oh and I also promise that even if I have a repeat week of project under-appreciation, I will not go all letter to the editor again. 

Whew I feel better, thank you for being my therapists...check is in the mail.

OKAY on with it already--


Before I could actually make my Smartigan...okay I will just call it a cardigan from now on...I had to make a pattern. The easiest way to make a pattern is to use an item of your child's clothing you already have.

For this I used a long sleeve t-shirt.

You will also need some super ugly fabric or an ugly curtain to make draw your pattern onto.

Cut the shirt apart. Starting with the sleeves.

Trace the t-shirt, one section at a time onto pattern fabric.
I started first with the back piece. Fold shirt in half so back of the t-shirt is facing out.
Trace on to fabric.

Make sure to label each piece. In this instance, I also indicated where the fold would be.

Next I did the front. Fold in half again, with front facing out.

For the cardigan front, you need that angled edge. Decide how angled, how long you want your angle, etc.
Cut that section away from the t-shirt.
Trace right front piece.

Flip over and trace left front piece

Cut open sleeve. Trace sleeve onto fabric.

Cut out all of your pieces.

Now you have a nice pile of pattern pieces all excited and ready to...

make one of these for the handsome little smartypants in your life.

Oh hey so you know that little contest I just barely mentioned above...

Pepto is in reach for my project is posted and ready to hopefully be voted for.

I know for some of you it was obvious which project was mine last week. I am not sure it will be as obvious this week. I will be excited to see what your guess is. Have fun voting.

TOMORROW- the rest of The Smartigan tutorial.

Also linking up these fabulous sites:

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rabbit said...

i just wanted to say that when i saw the smartigan (and your adorable little man in it) i wanted one. for ME! lol i don't have a little one to dress.... and i searched for a tutorial in your blog and then today what should appear at the top of my reading list?! this tutorial/vent! yay! so i just want you to know you have made my day. and for all the haters out there - shame on them! this was amazing! and i hope you can now accept that some people said mean things and let that bad energy go and be proud of yourself! the people who were mean probably don't have an ounce of creativity in them. ;)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love the smartigan! Those elbow patches are too cute.

KasiaJ said...

I also love the smartigan. And I think it's totally lame that people were anything but kind and supportive in their comments.

Lacey said...

I just wanted to say that I think you are amazing, fun and so creative. I love that you make your creativity accessible to all of us and encourage us to give it a try, because you make it so inviting. You are awesome. I always tell my mom that I wish we were neighbors! Hopefully I will get to see you when I come to Ohio in a few weeks.
Nice work, with everything. You are amazing. You are talented. Period. :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE the smartigan!!!! Thank you so much for participating in the contest, you are truly talented and we are so happy to have you!!!

JasonDebbie said...

What the freak are people's problem? Those rude comment people just think they're the shiz and want to make themselves feel better by being mean. I think youre awesome and I could NOT do the things you do because I'm too dumb-you have a talent for it though. :)

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

I loved your smartigan! People can be so rude. It's sad. Don't let them get you down-you're awesome!

Staci J said...

Hi Larissa! I'm so sorry last week was rough, competition can be so hard sometimes. I know I felt similarly every time I would watch my little chess board votes drop lower and lower... I just want to say, and I'm not just saying this, I would have totally voted for the Smartigan had I not been in the competition too:) Seriously, I LOVED it! Good luck this week:)
Visiting from

Anna said...

i totally agree, don't let those crazy comments get you down. Obviously you did put a lot of work and thought into the project and it's really darling. :)

Christie // lemon squeezy home said...

It is very cute. It's hard not to let things like that bother us though. I understand! What ever happened to "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" ? Ya know? That's a great motto for life:).

Jen said...

Ya know what, you are amazing! I love checking your blog for crafting inspiration, you have great ideas! Ya know what else, some people just stink (they might even smell bad too)sad, but true; so do not listen to them. Love your blog!

Heidi Dyk said...

Larissa, I LOVE the smartigan!! Love those cute pics of C. in it too! I totally want one for my little guy! You are ABSOLUTELY creative, AMAZINGLY crafty and last, but definitely not least, INSPIRING to me and obviously tons of other readers. I love all that you are doing on your blog. Heck, I can't even find the time to leave comments on all your awesome posts -I love to read all of them!- so I am super impressed you have made the time to write all the posts complete with great directions and pictures for all your projects. It's because you love what you do and that is why you must keep the creative juices flowing! YOU ROCK and I am so proud of you!!!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

A) People are LAME! Get a life, this is supposed to be fun!

B) Your Smartigan is FREAKING ADORABLE! I seriously can't wait to learn how to make it. LJ in all of his 16 month old glory is going to look killer in this.

You are awesome. I think you are awesome. And I can't wait to learn from you. So glad you found me and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my shirts!

Lisa said...

I'm really sorry people are so mean. You don't deserve it.

On a side note: I voted for your project (and I had no idea it was yours!)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this project! I have no idea what those people are talking about! Keep doing what you love and don't worry what a few rude people think!

What goes on said...

That smartigan is CRAZY CUTE!
I am participating in the SYTYC crafting competition and am also less than inspired by crafting wrapped up in competition! I expected some friendly competition and maybe even some new blogging friends but really, ...not so much. While it can be fun to come up with new ideas and to push my crafty self, I am thinking that maybe "crafty" should not be a competition.... I am new to discover your blog and it is now one of new favorites!
You totally ROCK!
...and PS...The people with mean comments just wish they could make a Smartigan!
Take Care!!!

Future Envy of the PTA said...

I've been away from being able to check my favorite blogs for a while, and was just able to get back and stalk for a little bit. After catching up with your blog and the posts that I miss, I just have to tell you... I LOVE YOU BLOG! It makes me smile :) thanks for all the great posts!


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