Aug 31, 2010

Little Bo Peep Has Left the Building

Don't be sad Little Bo, it isn't your fault I am not Made for Competition.

Your silly little sheep knows its not his fault either.

Hold your cute little head can't win them all.

Just in case my attempt at humor leaves some of your scratching your heads...
this was my little post letting you know I officially bowed out of Made by Heidi's
Made for Competition contest.

I consistently came in third to the two ladies left (by a small landslide each week), so I decided to 
let them battle it out to the end and so I can go on to craft ulcer free. Good Luck to each of them.

I also am in the process of putting together a tutorial for the sheep costume.

THANK YOU to everyone who loved my projects and voted for me! You made it all worth it.


Amanda said...

As a friend who would like you to remain ulcer-free, good choice. :)

Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

Larissa-I loved your sheep and bo peep-they were adorable!!! Ulcer free crafting is a good choice too-so how many bottles of pepto have you consumed since this started? ;) hehehej/k-you are made for the competition...don't say that you aren't! To go through what everyone the five of us has gone through these past few are made for the competition for sure..hold your head up high and enjoy you lovely children and keep up that crafting frenzy!!:)

Alea said...

Just so you know, your project was my favorite. I think it would be so fun to dress up as bo & make my baby a little sheep costume for halloween. And maybe I can convince my hubby to be Woody from Toy Story.... Love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I got your recipes in the mail yesterday, THANK-YOU! I can't wait to try them, and thanks for the bonus ;))

btw, those costumes are TOO adorable!! I agree ulcer free anything is A+ in my books:)

following you now so I'll stop by later!

Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

I voted for you before I knew this project was yours! I LOVED the sheep!!!


Libbie said...

Okay they are the cutest ever...contest must have been rigged ;) Way too cute!

tara said...

those costumes were seriously the next best thing to pure are you. way to choose life, riss. i competely support and maybe even worship you a little bit.

Unknown said...

Did you ever do a tutorial? I love these for my kids this year!


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