May 9, 2011

Big Changes

 There are some big changes happening in our home. A lot of things in our house are starting too look different. Those used to be honey colored stair rails, linoleum floor and boring trim.

We are up to our armpits in paint. I mean that almost almost literally. I am growing weary of painting.

Hubby is growing weary of cutting, measuring, measuring some more, and nailing. Putting new trim in your entire house is time intensive. Especially when you do it one-man-show style like hubby.

Little Men are intrigued by all the cutting and nailing.

Yup, things are starting to look different here. Fresher. Cleaner.

Can you believe we have done all this in basically 2 weeks? I can't. Our household has been on speed, no not literally, lately trying to get all our projects done FAST. These projects have been the only thing I have been doing. All of my normal projecting has been put on hold just so I can devote all my time to fixing our house.


Well, that will have to be a surprise...


Unknown said...

Ooh, I love to paint (that is if somehow the other chores of the house get magically done ;-)
Can't wait to see the finished products!

Abbie said...

Looking good. Now I am wondering why you are fixing your house up. Are you moving?

Amanda said...

It looks awesome!


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