Jul 15, 2011

T-shirt Painters Smocks Tutorial

After our recent round of Suds Painting, I had one of those Momma "ah-hah" moments. You know the ones where you mentally slap yourself on the forehead and say "DUH".

While the boys were painting, I hovered quite intensely over them. Swooping in with a wash rag cleaning hands, elbows, faces, and table just so they wouldn't get the bubble paint on their clothes.

Then...forehead slap, a "DUH", and a more lady like "ah-hah".

Maybe I should make them something to cover up their clothes. Maybe I should make them a painters smock. Maybe I should raid Hubby's closets to find material for said smock.

AND that my friends is how the T-shirt Painters Smock was born.

Today I am sharing a tutorial how to make these really easy and super cute painters smocks.

First, you need to find some big and fun t-shirts.

I used three for the main part of the smocks and then scraps from other t-shirts to make the pockets.

Then all you need is thread. Told ya, easy.

Next I took one of Oldest's larger sports tees and roughly used is for a pattern.

I traced about an inch away from the outside of the shirt. I also made it slightly longer than the shirt. Then I folded my shirt in half, cut along my pattern line. I folded my shirt in half so I could just make one cut.

I cut a scrap from the bottom of another t-shirt. This way you can use the bottom hem as the top of your pocket...I LOVE a good short cut. The depth of my pockets varied with the different sized smock. You can determine the depth, but make sure you cut it the same width of the bottom of your smock front.

Next I folded 1/4", ironed, folded another 1/4" at the sleeve opening.

Sew. Repeat for the other sleeve opening.

Now I sewed on the pocket. I pinned it in place, and then marked where to sew the pocket lines.

I sewed three lines making four pockets. Do not sew at the sides or the bottom.

Fold the shirt inside out. Pin at the sides, and then sew up with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Then hem the bottom by folding up 1/4", iron, and fold up another 1/4" and iron again. Turn right side out and sew hem in place.

AND you are done. Simple. Easy.

Now they can have carefree painting fun, and the Momma doesn't have to worry about their clothes.

Anyone notice how the Superman smock is not pictured? Middle Little Man was not having a 
photo shoot this day. Hahaha.

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Brandi @ Peace Love andTwinkies said...

This is a great idea! I love how focused he is on his foam brush LOL. adorable!

come check out my blog! im having a giveaway :)


Tasha said...

SO smart!! Love them

The Gilbert Family said...

And here I would think...ahh just get naked, you can all hop in the tub when you are done. :)

Hayley said...

This is MUCH cuter than just stripping them down like I do!

tara said...

two words: wow. you really are superwoman my friend. these are amazing

Anne said...

Brilliant!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


katie@stvital said...

Wonderful idea. I have some purchase stiff painters vests that noone likes. The kids would love to wear these instead of searching for old clothes in their closet.

Bridget said...

I'm sure you could also take off their shirts and they'd wear the smocks instead...with pleasure. :o)

Stephanie and Doug Gibbons said...

Great idea, but I just stick my kids in my adult size old t-shirts. No sewing, no work and it is long enough to keep their shorts clean also.


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