Jan 7, 2012

A Pinteresting Saturday: T-shirt Scarves

I am doing a new thing around here on the blog. I have decided to use Saturday to knock off a Pinterest project from my every growing list. Do you guys have one of those? You know the never ending list of cool things to try or to do or to make that have accumulated on your Pinterest board? Well my list is huge...if you wanna take a look just check out my Pinterest boards...heck if you wanna see how I continuously give myself more future projects just follow my boards and then you can watch my list grow.

I thought it would be fun to host a whole day every week just devoted to showing something that I have tried from one of my boards. I am calling Saturdays--A Pinteresting Saturday. On Saturdays I will either share a project I have accomplished, a tip I have used and if it really worked, maybe a review of recipe (although I share some of these on Recipe Thursdays), and anything else I accomplish from my Pinterest boards.

I am also thinking about possibly doing a linky party to go with it, so that other people can show off what they have checked off their own Pinterest list. Any interested in something like that? Let me know!

Okay, now that the introductions to A Pinteresting Saturday have been given, let's actually get this show on the road!

Today I am checking off the ever popular T-Shirt Scarf!

pinned from 

This is one of the easiest and fastest tutorials I have done in a long time. In one afternoon I got five made...and that was with doing some alterations which took a little more time...oh and with the occasional break for one of the Little Men. If I had stuck to the original tutorial then I would have busted out five in probably an hour.

So if you have some large men's or craft t-shirts laying around your house and want an easy peasy project, go and check out their tutorial.

I did alter their tutorial two different ways. First I, since I didn't have a bunch of t-shirts but I had a lot of t-shirt knit I altered the tutorial by using knit instead of t-shirts.

 Ultimately it is the same exact process except you start with knit.

I made sure that I folded the knit and then with the fold at the bottom I cut a rectangle about 16" wide and 21" tall, but that can totally vary up to what you like.

Then I refolded it so right sides matched and I sewed along the top edge (opposite of the folded edge). This creates a big tube of fabric.

Then I turned it right side out and put the seam at the top. I then proceeded just like the tutorial, cutting strips from the folded side up until about 1/2" from the seam.

Then I followed the rest of the tutorial to get my knit scarves.

I took a little break to spend some time with this Little Man who doesn't appreciate the fashion and cuteness of t-shirt scarves.

Next, I moved on to my next altered version of the tutorial. This time I did use a t-shirt.

I really wanted to add some braids into it...so I did!

Again, I pretty much followed the tutorial, except I made sure that a couple of my strips were a lot wider than the others.

Then I cut that strip into three and at the back I actually cut the three strips loose (so instead of being part of the big loops they were just three really long strips) so that I could braid them.

Braiding will take awhile. I kind of felt like I was braiding Rapunzel's hair...sigh love that movie!

Once I was done braiding, I tied off the end then I actually hot glued it back to the top of the fabric...basically I reattached it to where I cut it off.

Then I stretched it like in the original tutorial.

I took a strip of the bottom of the t-shirt and wrapped up the top, like in the original.

I attached a little bit of fake leather to the inside...and BAM my braided t-shirt scarf was done.

All in all I made five t-shirt scarves. I made one regular, one braided, and three from knit. Not bad for an afternoon's work.

These two are my favorite, for sure.

One Pinterest down...about a thousand to go!

What's on your boards? What have you accomplished? Do share! I think I have already picked what I am going to do for next week. Join me in picking a project from your boards to do this week.

AND don't forget, give me some feedback if you would like a linky party to accompany this post in the future.

Have a fabulous Saturday everyone!


Adrienne said...

i love the black and white one :-)

ColleenandKendra said...

Love them...been wanting to try that and you've re-inspired me! :-)

Jen T said...

Those are way cute! I have a stack of tshirts waiting to be made into scarves.
I'd enjoy the linky with your Pinterest posts. Maybe then I would be inspired to actually make something I've pinned.

Two Dollars said...

I'm honestly not sure if I like these or not, but I'm not trying to be negative it would just help me if there was a picture of them being modeled!! :)


The Gibson's said...

Bridal shower favors for my sisters upcoming shower. And now to find everything I really need. Why can't stores have every single little thing my heart desires and at the price that won't break the BANK! Very cute scarves!!!!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

I am with you on the stores...when did trying to craft all inexpensive still end up costing me so much money!!! Hahaha.

Good luck!

Christine Kalmbach said...

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!

KG75 said...

I can't find the original tutorial at the link you provided. Can you help please?

Unknown said...

I used a printed jersey type fabric but when I stretch the strands it rolls to the inside so the print doesn't show. Do I have to use a fabric with print on both sides?


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