Mar 6, 2012

Harry Potter Firebolt Tutorial

Another Harry Potter Party installment today.

One of the classes we had at Hogwarts was our flying class. Of course to be a legit Wizard or Witch one must have a broom and know how to fly that broom.

So I made up a broom for each party guest. They were really easy to make and fairly inexpensive. I was glad I made them when I saw seven excited wizards flying excitedly around my house.

So do you want to make your own?

Easy peasy.

Here is what you need to gather up-

5/8" dowels (found mine at The Mart)
brown spray paint
packing brown paper or brown paper bags
heavy duty tape...either duct or packing tape
yellow felt
hot glue

I had originally planned on using brown paper bags, which are free at a lot of grocery stores. Then I remembered we had tons of this brown packing paper left over from moving so I used that instead.

I gathered my dowels and spray painted them. You will have to do it in shifts in order to get each side of the dowel and also complete coverage.

I cut strips out of the brown paper.

Since I used the packing paper I had really long strips, so I cut them into shorter strips about 12-14".

I started about 3-4" up from the bottom of my broom. Then I layered several strips all the way around the stick twice. I taped the top of the strips securely in place.

Then I went up just a little and repeated the layering paper process all over again until it was full enough. Then I taped that layer in place. Make sure all the strips are completely secure. It can be hard to catch all the strips.

Repeat with all the brooms.

Plug in your hot glue gun and git 'er warmin' up.

Then cut out strips of yellow felt 2" wide and however long. It won't really matter because you will wrap and cut as you go.

Wrap and glue the felt in place making sure to cover the tape.

Repeat with all the brooms.

There ya have it. You have a firebolt for each of your guests.

Get ready for some flying and wizarding fun!

Have a great Tuesday Friends!!

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My Recent Favorite Books said...

Great idea! You did a great job!


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