Aug 6, 2012

In a Nutshell Part 2: Mesa Falls

We took more advantage of living so close to the great outdoors while Hubby had the week off.

We packed up the family and drove a bit to a local waterfall nestled snuggly in the mountains. We planned on making a hike, but it ended up being more of a brisk nature walk.

Less vigorous, but definitely still breathtakingly beautiful.

The waterfall was beautiful.

The walk through the trees in the mountains was glorious.

Plus it was made pretty easy thanks to the plank trail.

Which was great for little hikers.

The view really was so marvelous. I love the mountains.

The only part of the hike that was close to a work-out. Lots of stairs.

We handled it all like rock stars.

Even Bean. But then, he traveled in style. Have mom will travel.

Almost everyone was all smiles. Notice Middle's face of annoyance.

Just imagine him saying, "Another picture!"

Me answering, "We are making memories!"

Much better.

After we were all done and heading back home, we stopped at a little spot called Warm River. There the boys excitedly fed the biggest fish I had ever seen. For a little bit of cat food they will swarm to the surface.

It was quite glorious.

Thanks for letting me share a little bit of our week. I took over 200 pictures of our week., and that was with forgetting to take the camera to the water park. I will spare you and keep the rest of our adventures to ourselves.

It was a grand week.

With our family staycation all done, I do have piles of projects in various stages of doneness (totally a word). I hope to have some to show you this week.

Thanks for reading and sticking around. I sure appreciate ya.


Alisa said...

What kind of carrier are you using? I love the way it wraps.

Katie Mitchell said...

We went to Mesa Falls on Sunday on our way home from Island Park. Such a beautiful place!

Amanda said...

LOVE the pictures! Your little guys are so handsome!


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