Sep 17, 2012

Costumes 2012 Sneak Peak and a Costume Flashback

Sorry for my lack of posting last week. I have been up to no good...hehehe...

Yup, that is right, the official Costumes of 2012 sewing extravaganza has begun. Where for weeks I try to get the picture in my head to materialize from piles of fabric into actual costumes.

There is guessing and guessing, and dumb luck, and more guessing and eventually I end up with some costumes.

I am excited for this year's theme.

I have had it in mind since the last stitch was sewn on last year's costumes.

Can you guess from my sneak peak what might be in store?

I will give you some clues...

That is Bean's hairy-riffic costume pictured above.
The boys will all follow a theme.
Two oldest are fighting over the same costume, they both want to be on the same light side.
Little, well cute he shall be.

Have you figured it out yet?

Please do tell...

I also thought it would be fun to do a flashback of Halloween Costumes of years past. It was fun/horrifying to go back and see all my different labors of love. You will see in the most recent years, not only is my camera/photography better (do NOT judge the first few pictures, I am not sure I even knew what a DLSR was), but I also actually started sewing some of the costumes by 2010.

BUT every single year was a boat load of fun and of course they had to have a theme since I am more than just mildly obsessed with themes.

Enjoy the flashback, and enjoy a good laugh on me around the year 2004.

My Supers  

Toy Story 3, Little Alien not pictured 

Costumes of Astronomical Proportions
Alien, Astronaut, Shooting Star
My first major sewing attempt. 

Classic Batman and Robin 

Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat
Store bought and sewn for me.
I handled the foam...wo jump back! 

Paiging Dr. McCutiePatootey.
Last Time Hubby and I dressed up too. 


Crocodile, The Crocodile Hunter and His Wife
Thanks Ebay for the costume!
Cargo Khakis, yup they came from my current wardrobe.

Ahh, good times. 

I have loved putting together all of these costumes with whatever skill set I had at the time. I know I will be a little sad when I no longer have a say in all the costumes. I am guessing this is my last year with Oldest. The older two are already bucking my idea. So I am sure next year I will have no say.

But it has been one Costume-tastic ride.


Adrienne said...

all so, so cute. this year my hubby and i will dress up with the kids for the first time ever. our 5 year old will be a pretty Minnie, i'll be a grown up Minnie, our 3 year old wanted to be Batman and we found a Batman shirt and mask for my hubby. should be so cute, ha-ha. amazing how you sew your own costumes.

Stockhoff Family said...

Oh my, I had almost forgotten about that first one! I got all choked up remembering that first one. You are amazingly clever. :)

The Gibson's said...

Theme is StarWars I think...
Very fun I we did Ghostbuster last year, the entire family, but this year my hubby is fighting me. Love a great themed family dress up!!!

ColleenandKendra said...

I'm guessing Star Wars, too. Kendra is going as a very cute devil and our tiny little dog has an angel costume. All store bought. Heavens knows I could never pull off sewing them.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Star Wars is CORRECT. Good guesses ladies.

All of your costumes sound cute.

Good luck on all getting hubbies to dress up.


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