May 28, 2013

Father's Day Gift: World's Best Pop

Here in our house we think we have the world's best uh Pop. This very special Pop has been warned to stay away from the blog today and any other day in the future that might be about gifts for his very fatheriffic self.

Back to our house and our bestest dad, well I am sure you feel the same way at your house.

Pretty soon there is a whole extra special day just to celebrate the one and only very special dad.

This year one of the things we are giving our dad is Soda...or Pop...



What do you say? Soda? Pop?

Me: Soda

Hubs: Pop

It is an on-going battle. Each of insisting we are the correct party.

For Father's Day (and only Father's Day) I will concede.

For Father's Day, it will be Pop. I gave a little hint about this project on Instagram. (Follow along @larissa_anotherday).

So for a Father's Day Gift, our World's Best Pop is getting a special crate of six different and unique bottles of soda. My boys had tons of fun picking out different soda, although I am pretty sure they only picked the soda according to the brightest color.

After they picked out the soda, I bought a plain crate and some spray paint.

I used some retro fonts and cut my phrase out of vinyl.

I spray painted the box white first. Then I applied the vinyl. Then I spray painted several coats of red over the vinyl.

After the paint dried, I peeled off the vinyl.

Then I sanded the crate to make it look a little more vintage.

I loaded up the  crate with some shredded paper and safely nestled the bottles in the crate. I printed off a little tag listing the flavors, so he knows all the yummy flavors he is getting.

The boys are already way to excited to give it to him and I am going to be lucky if this stays a secret until Father's Day.

I have a few other Father's Day gifts I am excited to show you. All really easy. All themed based (you know me and my love of themes). All made with love for our Bestest Dad.

So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

Such a clever idea! My Father, who also refers to it as Pop, would get a kick out of this. Thanks for sharing.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Sarah!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Such a cute idea! =)


Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Melissa!

Melanie said...

LOVE that crate! I'd love for you to come link this up at the Weekly Creative Link Party that just went live this morning!

Smiles, Melanie
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