Feb 24, 2014

5 Steps to Bathroom Independence for Your Toddler

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So your toddler is potty-trained, and has been for a while. The hard work is out of the way. You earned your parent potty training gold star. There has been underwear wearing, no accidents, and going to the bathroom in public restrooms. Yup. You have mastered all that is potty training and both you and your pupil have come out successful.

Well except for that one thing.

You know.

That whole number two issue.

You know, what I am talking about? Right? 

You hear your all-by-himself-to-the-bathroom-toddler running to the restroom. You hear the door shut. A bit of time passes. The longer the time, the more you know to wait for it.

The inevitable, "MOOOOOOOOOM!!! I went poop. Wipe my bum!"

I immediately think, Oh that is okay. It will pass. Sighing, I go in because the inconvenience and/or foulness of the chore does not outweigh his need for a clean tushie.

However, there comes a time when it is absolutely necessary that my potty-trained kid needs to be completely independent in the bathroom. I can't go to school with him after all. So the question is, how do I help my toddler gain independence in the bathroom?

I came up with 5 pretty easy and self-explanatory Steps to Bathroom Independence for Your Toddler.

The first step is one you probably have already accomplished if your toddler is potty-trained. First thing you have to do is Teach Them. This definitely falls under Potty Training 101.

The second step I think is one of the most important steps of helping them transition to big kid independent conqueror of the bathroom. The second step has to do with the tools you give your toddler in the bathroom. A TP (toilet paper) station if you will. For best success, your toddler needs access to the best bathroom bum cleansing products.

Guys, without a doubt that product is the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine line. The Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and the moist Cleansing Cloths

Success for independence in the bathroom for my toddler had everything to do with the ease in which he could get clean. The moist Cleansing Cloths allowed my toddler to more easily clean his tush without help plus they are flushable. Can I get an AMEN?!? Then the Clean Care toilet paper just dries everything off making sure that little bum is clean and dry.

Having a TP Station equipped with both the moist Cleansing Cloths and the Cleaning Care toilet paper and within reach of the toilet helped my toddler have all the things he needed. This way he doesn't feel he needs to call out for me. I really can't say enough about Cottonelle's Clean Care Routine line. Dream come true for this momma. The clean simply cannot be beat. Their Clean Care Routine line also helps all members of the household feel clean. Definitely a must for both the newly trained and er...the...uh...more experienced.

Step Three is to allow a couple of Trial Runs. I call this the, clean-yourself-still-have-mommy-check-your-tush step. In step three they have their independence, but there is a little quality control check just to make sure. Snags are worked out. Tips given. Some reteaching done if necessary.

In Step Four it is time to let go and simply Trust Them. Once you have given them the knowledge, the tools, and the time to practice they are ready to be independent.

In other words, it is time for the Mom to let go.

I know I worried about how clean my toddler could really get his bum. Sometimes that got in the way of me trusting him. Now with the help of the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine line, I can in all honesty say I do not worry at all that he is getting himself clean.

The last step is an easy one. Step Five is to let them know they did a big job. To let them know they are like the most amazing of amazing big kids ever and that you are thrilled with this new found bathroom independence. Step Five is to give them the Thumbs Up for a job well done.

Happy kid. Happy Momma.

There ya have it, 5 Steps to Bathroom Independence for Your Toddler. The Cottonelle Clean Care Routine line is a major player in these steps.

In fact, my trust in the Clean Care toilet paper and the moist Cleansing wipes has gotten me all geared up and ready for this--

 --my very last potty training journey is about to begin.

I for sure am going to go to Walmart to stock up on the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine line.

You should too because, for the month of February Walmart is running an offer available when you buy both the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and the Cleansing Wipes. You will receive a $5 Vudu (a movie rental system similar to Redbox) when you purchase BOTH the toilet paper and the wipes at a Walmart store.

To receive the $5 Vudu credit, you simply have to take a picture of your receipt showing both items purchased. Then text or email the photo to clean@drvsusa.com. You will then receive a $5 Vudu movie credit. You can get more information by heading to www.drvsusa.com/cottonellemovies.

Doing this Momma thing can be tricky sometimes. I am always grateful for fantastic products that make the day-to-day bits better. Thanks Cottonelle!

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