Feb 26, 2014

It Is Still Cold Outside-Staples Has Space Heaters (GIVEAWAY)

Some of you lucky ducks are experiencing spring-like weather. I will try really hard not to be too jealous of you while I sit over here in the arctic tundra of Idaho, where the sun does shine, but the temperatures are not influenced by that cheery sun.

That was a whiny way of saying that I wish I were warm like you.

I know I am not the only one still freezing my fanny off. P.S. wouldn't that be glorious if one could actually freeze one's fanny right off? Squats might become a thing of the past. I would gladly endure Winter with no whining if it got me ready for bathing suit season in such a fashion.

I digress.

I am cold. Really cold.

Since it is cold outside, it is also chilly inside. Most of my friends can attest that we leave our house sub temperature chilly. Okay, well not really SUB, but still it is pretty stinking cold up in here.

While our whole house is chilly, there is one room that is like beyond chilly. That would be Little Mister Bean's room. So our almost 2 year old has the coldest room in the house. So sad.

We have tried a couple of things, but nothing really seemed to warm that room up.

The Hubs had been trying to talk me into getting a space heater. Logically, I know they are much safer now than they used to be. I still just couldn't think about leaving one on in there. Plus, the whole reason we keep our house cool is to save on the electric bill, so running a spacer heater all day seemed to defeat the purpose.

He kept talking about it and I was starting to waver.

Then like providence I got contacted about testing out a space heater from Staples. First I was all like, "Staples sells space heaters?" Good to know. Then as I was chiseling off the ice from my fingers after rocking Bean to sleep, I realized this could be a very good thing.

We went to Staples.com  and started researching all of the options we had for space heaters. There were tons of them. TONS. The majority of them are all under $100 too. Bonus!

After looking through all our options, we settled on this Optimus Fan Heater.

Here are there reasons we settled on this space heater:

-it oscillates
-it is a medium size, perfect for setting on a shelf because I didn't want one on the floor
-internal heat limiting thermostat...aka it will turn off before getting too hot
-tip over cut off switch
-the TIMER feature (I like this feature because I can set it on for 30 minutes, heat up the room, and 
then know it is off and I don't have to worry about it.)

We ordered it online since our local Staples didn't carry space heaters in the store. Ordering the space heater online was ridiculously easy and it was at our doorstep before we knew it.

We have used it practically everyday. Practically, because we had one warm day recently, and by warm I mean in the mid 40's. I run it just for 30-60 minutes at a time to cocoon Bean's room in warmth. The extra warmth in his room has helped him stay asleep in the middle of the night.

All of the safety features have really helped me have less anxiety with putting a space heater in his room. The only feature that I am not in love with is the LCD screen. Not because it isn't nice to know that temp, but because it glows bright enough it is like a night light, which we do not use in his room. In true MacGyver fashion we fixed the problem by...er..uh...taping a piece of paper over the screen. Yup, we are geniuses.

Overall, this space heater has really helped Bean's room be not so chilly. I may have stolen it once or twice to heat up my tootsies as well.

Are you in need of a little warming up and a trip to Hawaii just isn't in the cards? Well then, my friends, you are in luck. The lovelies at Staples are offering to give one JADIP reader any in stock space heater under $100.

That is pretty awesome. Seriously.

All you have to do is follow the Rafflecopter prompts. The giveaway is going to be a quick one. The giveaway will run from today through March 1st at 11:59 MST.

Good luck on your quest to beat the bitter cold!
May the odds be ever in your favor.
Sorry I had to, Catching Fire does come out soon after all. Hehehe.

I received this space heater from Staples and was compensated for this post. All opinions are mine.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


DeAnne said...

I wear 2 pairs of socks and bake to keep the kitchen warm and toasty!

Larissa said...

Wood in the fireplace helps alleviate the cost of oil heat! And then there's my awesome down comforter & flannel sheets/duvet. Highly recommend flannel. Only problem is it's really tough to get out of bed in the morning.

Sandy said...

I wear extra thick socks and warm cozy sweaters! :)

Danyelle said...

Extra layers and throw blankets

dade said...

I'm with you! It is still cold and I'm over it. Thanks for the giveaway!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

I stay warm inside by wearing my slippers and soft sweater!
And..I love flannel sheets!

Linda Nelson said...

Hot tub, then layers! And Smartwool socks!

Kara said...

Great big warm hoodie and socks. And a quilt, preferably over a heater!

Unknown said...

I usually wrap myself up in a warm soft blanket.

*fingers crossed for the giveaway*

Michelle J. said...

Wearing socks makes the biggest difference, even though I hate them!

SStockhoff said...

Socks and lots of blankets! Then once I am all warm I don't want to move our of my cocoon. 😊

Jen said...

I wrap myself in a cozy blanket.


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