Feb 28, 2014

Zaycon Foods: How Smart Families Buy Big and Save Big

Do you guys Zaycon? If you don't, oh how you must! I know I have had a couple of sponsored posts recently, but I promise this is a post you really want to read through. I have been a customer of Zaycon Foods for a long time and I believe in it as a mom, wife, cooker, and eater of good food. I highly encourage you to read the whole post (aka not just skim...we all do it) so that you can learn more about this AWESOME company, see first hand how I use some of the products I have ordered, and to get information for the most current food events.

Just trust me. If you like food, you will want to read the whole post.

For those of you who haven't heard of Zaycon Foods, or maybe have, but don't really know much about it, well let me fill you in.

First let me say that gushing about this company is second nature to me. I have talked about Zaycon with friends, family, and at church functions...yes I am that lady. I gush because I believe in the company and the product they provide. I have ordered a lot of their products and I have never been unhappy. They provide fresh and high quality meats and fruit. Fresh from the farm to your table.

Zaycon works directly with local farms who provide high quality product. This allows you to buy quality product in bulk for much less than buying that quality of merchandise at a store. AND let me just tell you, I personally don't feel that the quality I can get a grocery store even comes close to comparing with the product I get from Zaycon.

They have many "events", the fancy way of saying what they are currently selling. I kind of like participating in anything that is an "event", don't you? Not every product is available all the time. They cycle through events. That is the BIG reason why you need to sign up with Zaycon (click on that link right there). When you sign up, they send you information about when events are happening. This allows you to stay in the know about when each event is.

The chicken is their trademark event. The chicken that Zaycon sells is amazing. Amazing I tell you. This is the most popular purchase in our house. When the chicken event comes up, it is kind of like a holiday. Here at our house when the chicken event rolls around, we buy it up real quick. I have canned it. I store it easily in freezer bags. I cook with it all the time. I am gonna be honest with you guys, I can't handle other chicken now. This chicken is so good. On top of the quality, the price is the same if not better than the grocery store. The last chicken event was for $1.89 a pound. CRAZY!

The chicken comes straight from the processor and is never frozen. The chicken breasts are huge and 100% naturally that way. No hormones or additives. Sometimes a chicken breast is large enough that I only store one per freezer bag. Each order is for a 40 pound box. We have been known to order two. Yes that is 80 pounds of chicken. I canned half and stored the other half. It was glorious.

I can't say enough good things about this chicken. I will say it again, it has ruined me for grocery store chicken. Best. Chicken. Ever. 

They did just end a chicken event in some areas. I suggest that you head on over to Zaycon and sign up. I have given you a link that has you sign up and just lets them know that you heard about it from me (hence the referral bit). 

Once you sign up you can see what events are currently running and then you are signed up so they can alert you when other events start.

We have ordered their chicken the most. However, like I said earlier, we have ordered many of their products.

We love their peaches and pears. LOVE. Last year we ordered pears and peaches and then we canned them. Well, we canned the ones we didn't scarf down. The peaches were juice dripping from your chin fantastic. The pears were just the perfect ripeness. Not under ripe like ordering in bulk can be sometimes and not over ripe like they had been sitting around.

We also ordered bacon from them. This bacon was amazing. I am pretty confidant in saying this bacon ruined me for grocery store bacon too. The order of bacon is rather larger and so we actually split it with some friends.  We froze what I didn't cook and eat right away. I kind of wanted to cry when we used our last package.

Another product we have ordered is the 93/7 ground hamburger. I love this hamburger because it is lean, but still full of flavor. I actually prefer lean hamburger to ground turkey, so when I can get a high quality 93/7 ground hamburger at a decent price I jump all over it. The order is 40 pounds. We divided it up and stored it in freezer bags. It was perfect.

The 93/7 ground hamburger event is actually going on now!  I know I am sounding like a broken record, but seriously go sign up  and order this awesome hamburger.

We have also ordered the hot Gold Medal Beef Franks, the Pork Sausage Links, the Breaded Chicken Tenderloins, and the Natural Non-Homogenized Whole Milk.

I think my next order might have to include the Carvemaster Ham, which is a current event right now! At $3.49 a pound I am not sure I can pass it up.

I haven't listed everything they sell, just what I have ordered. Go and check out all of their products

Zaycon Foods really is an amazing company. I really believe they have made it easier and more affordable for me to feed my family higher quality products. They provide a quality product that also tastes way better than anything you will find at a grocery store. I know they can do the same for you and your household.

Whew! I really hope you hung with me during this entire post. Two "raise-the-roof"'s if ya did. Thanks for taking the time to learn about a company I am pretty stoked about. 

Just a refresher-
Current food events are:
93/7 ground hamburger
Carvemaster Ham

I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are mine. 
I have used this company for years, and believe in
the quality product and service they provide. 

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