Feb 12, 2014

Pillowcase Heart Envelope Throwpillow

What? Is it only a couple days from Valentine's Day? Seriously?

Yeah, okay, so I know this. This was one of those posts that, although it has been done and even photographed for ages--like AGES, I tell you--I just didn't whip out a post.

So today, I am sharing the how-to on these sweet, very simple Pillowcase Throw Pillows.

The good news is that hearts (and bows) are not just for Valentine's Day. The other good news, yep there is more, is that this simple throw pillow how-to can be altered and changed for other seasons or for general decoration.

The possibilities for this Pillowcase Throw Pillow how-to is endless.

Between the heart stencil on the front and these adorable felt bows on the back, you are sure to make your sofa really happy with the addition of these lovely pillows.

These pillows are practically sew free. They are so very easy to whip up.

What you need:

standard pillow cases
freezer paper
fabric paint
felt, cut into 4"x20" and 2"x6" rectangles
velcro, cut into 2- 4" strips
hot glue
18x18 pillow form

Take out the pillow cases and iron all the lines out of them. Fold the top over so the flap is 10". Iron the fold in place.

Trace a heart, or whatever shape you would like, on to the non-shiny side of sheets of freezer paper. Cut out the shape with an exacto knife.

Iron the freezer paper onto the non-flap side of the pillowcase. Once the freezer paper is securely ironed on, place a piece of cardboard in the pillow case so the paint does not bleed through. Next, apply craft paint in a thin coat with a craft brush. Apply more coats as needed. Make sure not to get too heavy handed around the edges.

Allow to dry for several hours, or cheat by drying the paint with a blow dryer. Remove the freezer paper.

Sew the velcro in place at the top middle of the inside of the pillow case, so that it has a closure.

Once the velcro is in place, it is time to make the bow.

Fold the larger rectangle so the ends overlap. The bow should measure about 9" wide once folded. Sew up the middle. Fold the smaller piece in half and just sew up the outside edge.

Turn the middle piece out so the seam is on the inside.

Fold the large piece a little to put it through the turned out smaller piece.

Arrange the bow and mold into bow shape. Make sure the seam for the smaller piece is in the back.

Attach the bow to the flap side, on the front, bottom, middle of the flap itself. Basically just over the stitches from the velcro you applied to the inside.

Once the glue dries, insert the pillow form. The weight of the felt bow will help the envelope flap stay down so there is no additional closure needed.

You can arrange the pillow heart out, bow out, or one of each.

My favorite part of these pillows, just after the ease of the project of course, is that BOW. Eek. Swoon. I love that bow.

Now I am trying decide in a house full of boys where else I am allowed to put bows!

Hope you find this tutorial useful for more than just Valentine's decor or that you pin it for next Valentine's Day. Gotta love Pinterest.

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Natalie said...

Make me some! Pleeeeeeeeeeease.


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